Hello Kitty Puzzle Jigsaw Hello Kitty Puzzle Jigsaw

Have fun with this puzzle jigsaw game. Hello Kitty is waiting for you.

Spring Tulips Spring Tulips

Melody is visiting her friends in the dutch countryside and is in love with all the beautiful tulips. Dress her for a day out exploring nature in the sunshine.

Smurfs Battle Smurfs Battle

Command your Smurfs Squad in order to gain power over the Antartica Ice Teritorry...
You have to eliminate all the enemy smurfs on each level in order to advance with your
campaign. Good Luck and...become a Big Smurf!!!

Pink Teen Bedroom Pink Teen Bedroom

Create your own Pink Teen Bedroom.

Toy Story Jessie Dress Up Toy Story Jessie Dress Up

Jessie from Toy Story is not your ordinary girl. She's got different tastes when it comes to fashion. Dress her up to fit her personality. Have fun girls.

Construction Tycoon Construction Tycoon

Build up the construction tycoon and beat your competitors!

Dragonball End of The World Dragonball End of The World

The city is under alien attack robot. Goku must come to destroy the robot and save the city from the disaster by using fireball shot into the weaknesses of the robot

Paris Hilton Beauty Puzzle Paris Hilton Beauty Puzzle

Complement six unmatched stills of Paris Hilton with some really swift fingers and sharp observation and explore the kind of fun that you could pull out of the puzzle game.

Juicy Fruit Puzzles Juicy Fruit Puzzles

Delight your eyes with juicy fruits that are packed in five neat set of challenges and quench your thirst for success by breaking them all. Travel through the formidable levels with different puzzle designs and beat the timer to stand a class apart.

Fashion Week Dressup Fashion Week Dressup

Usher the new season with new trends and the most astute clothes and accessories. Explore the best wardrobe possibilities and help the new model to make a difference on the ramp so that she shoots to fame in no time.

Office Barbie Office Barbie

Do you think that Barbie doesn't have a job? Well you guessed wrong! Barbie works at an office during the daytime and she needs your help to give her a fancy but classy look.
Will you go for a stylish dress or a two-piece outfit? And don't forget a lovely handbag!

Speedy Moto Quest Speedy Moto Quest

If you think you are the best and most experienced bike game player then this is your chance to prove your skills. Set the highest scores possible in the shortest time possible and prove you are unbeatable.

Car Racing Challenge Car Racing Challenge

You can only advance to the next level by winning first place. Also, there will be bonus rounds and the goal is to collect as much stars as possible to earn more points.

Buggy Time Challenge Buggy Time Challenge

Drive and control your buggy through three levels of rough terrains to win the game. Collect the shining stars along the field. Each star is worth 100 points. Complete all three levels and submit your scores at the end to see where you rank among other buggy drivers.

Superman Dressup Game Superman Dressup Game

Have fun customize this famous superhero Superman with a wide selection of accessories. So he could goes out and kick some bad guys.

Jolly Jigsaw - The Last Airbender Jolly Jigsaw - The Last Airbender

The great feast for Jigsaw puzzle lovers, now it came with your favorite version of The Last Airbender. Complete all the levels and earn more score.

Sort My Tiles Astro Boy Sort My Tiles Astro Boy

Sort the tiles to get Astro boy in this Sort My Tiles puzzle.

Beauty and The Beast Beauty and The Beast

Find all the hidden Potts in the image to advance to the next level.

Balloon Shoot Challenge Balloon Shoot Challenge

Shoot the balloons, every level you have three lives to hit the target require to move to next levels.

Agent Heart Agent Heart

Catch that cheater in the name of love!

Funky Nail Design Funky Nail Design Can you make your customers\’ nails look fabulously funky?
Basketball Skill Challenge 2013 Basketball Skill Challenge 2013

This year you're compete in basketball shooting skills challenge. Your goal is to score enough point before the time expires.

Batman Kissing 2 Batman Kissing 2

Our super hero Batman try to kiss her girlfriend at night. The joker team try to watch the Batman kissing. Help the Batman to kiss without watching Joker. Have fun.

Downtown Zombies Downtown Zombies

An amazing zombie and shooting game waits for you to be played.
Your job in each level, and there are a lot of them, is to destroy and kill
all zombies using different weapons. For each killed zombie, you will
earn some money. After each level you can go to the shop and buy some new
and better waepon to get more power and to kill the zombies as fast as you
can. You can also repair your barricade using some stuff from the shop.
But for all of this you need money, which you will earn if you kill enough zombies.

Scooby Puzzle Game Scooby Puzzle Game

Drag the pieces into position in order to complete de Princess Puzzle Game.

Funny Fruit Coctails Funny Fruit Coctails

Free funny and cute physics browsergame! It simply makes good mood even on rainy, dark days. Try to get the fruits into the coctail glasses on a sunny, happy beach day. Enjoy and play with a smile!

Restaurant Love Fun Restaurant Love Fun

Julie and Dave are lovers, Julie felt very difficult to meet Dave as she works in a restaurant. Julie have no time to spend with dave even dave visits Julie in restaurant. Help Julie to get chance to meet her boyfriend in restaurant without notice by the chef in same time take care the customers without dissapointment them. Be careful from notice the chef as you will lose a life! Julie will happy to meet her boyfriend with your helps!

Aequilibrium 4 Aequilibrium 4

A physics-puzzle where you can try to keep a balance.

Vintage Bunny Challenge Vintage Bunny Challenge

You are Bugsy's bunny riding a cool vintage car. Here's your chance to prove everyone how fast like a bullet you can drive and impress the crowd by getting the bunny across the amazing level with different challenges and obstacles, while collecting objects on the way! Enjoy 10 levels of heavy level fun earn Bugsy respect and enter the Sagrada familia!

Alesia bike Racer Dressup Alesia bike Racer Dressup

Alesia has just bought a new motorcycle that wants to impress friends at tonight's meeting to be attended by several motorcycle clubs, chosen to help her find the perfect outfit for this meeting.

Hidden Fables Hidden Fables

The new series of hidden object puzzle games works on the same principle as Hidden Tableaux. Choose one of the 2 difficulty modes and find all 125 hidden objects scattered across a beautiful painting. The newly redesigned interface is now less intrusive and makes it easier for you to focus on the game. Have fun playing Hidden Fables!

Operate Now: Skin Surgery Operate Now: Skin Surgery It\’s a high-pressure job…but someone\’s got to do it!
Loving Park Spot The Difference Loving Park Spot The Difference

You Need to identify the difference and click on it to get points
for every correct click 50 points will add up to your scoreboard
and also enjoy this with your families and share this with your friends

Monster Race 3D Monster Race 3D Modify your rig and get ready to rock & roll. It\\’s time to separate the monsters from the pipsqueaks.
Bombay Solitaire Bombay Solitaire

New free online colorful popular solitaire interpretation by Free-Game-Land.com. The game graphics has illustrations of Ancient India motif. Enjoy the beauty of virginal nature, peasants' placid life, the grandeur of ancient palaces while playing the patience. Your goal is to remove all cards from the table to the right stock by building chains from King till Ace regardless the suit. Click the left stock if you wish to add more cards. Relaxing music, smooth animation and excellent graphics are the advantages of this logical game.

Dora Jigsaw Dora Jigsaw

Solve this great puzzle Jigsaw with Dora.

Kyuubi Kyuubi

Kyuubi is sometimes mischievous but pure at heart, she fights the evil forces of darkness.

Wild Animal Ball Wild Animal Ball

Lilly, Ella, and Sarah are getting ready to go to the Wild Animal Ball! Give them a makeover and dress them up in wild style!

Magical Friends Magical Friends

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle are the ultimate besties! Dress them up for a day of friendship and fun!

Greyson Chance Quiz Greyson Chance Quiz

Are you the ultimate Greyson Chance fan? Put your knowledge to the test in this fun quiz!

Fruit Superhero Fruit Superhero

What's that up in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Fruit Girl! By day, Samantha is a regular girl - but when trouble calls, she changes into her secret identity, Fruit Girl!

Deeno Run Deeno Run

It is mushroom season and Deeno is very excited, because mushrooms are his favorite food! Help Deeno collect as many mushrooms as you can without falling off a cliff!