Thing Thing Arena Pro Game Thing Thing Arena Pro Game Are you pro? Blast 'em all in this new Thing Thing game!
Thing Thing Arena Classic Thing Thing Arena Classic Gun 'em all down in this new version of a great action classic!
Undead Throne  Undead Throne Rise from the dead and fight to the end! Every enemy you slay gives you resources, like gold, fingers, blood and dragon hearts. Use those resources to craft new weapons, armor and spells. Or sell the resources to earn gold. From every battlefield you conquer, you can hire mercenaries to fight alongside in your next battle!
Undead End 2 Undead End 2 A fighting game to survive, you have to fight, shoot, zombie lu defeats each of the parties.
Undead Run Undead Run You are the last person left over zombies take up most of the city. Or run away, to beat all the enemies along the way
Superman Spot The Difference Superman Spot The Difference find differences on two legendary superman picture by moving the mouse to point and click on their different
Superman Goes to Heaven  Superman Goes to Heaven Play Superman Goes to Heaven flash game. Superman Goes to Heaven is a Animation game to play free online
Superman Man Of Steel Superman Man Of Steel super man would help the kids in the house escaped safely, and taken them to the ground where the rescue workers waiting
Monster Basement 2 Game Monster Basement 2 Game Play the Monster Basement 2 Game, a game of undead games. Find out the door each eat a bared
Superman Returns Superman Returns Lex Luthor has trapped Superman between two skyscrapers, Luthor is throwing all kinds of construction material in the head of superman.
Superman save Metropolis Superman save Metropolis Break debris from buildings to rescue people, pay attention to dodge the green meteorite that killed superman offline
Amorphous Amorphous Go around chopping things with your big knife.
Superman Dress Up Superman Dress Up Use your mouse to dress-up your superhero Superman ! Choose between clothes, background, effects, etc.
Jumb With Life Jumb With Life Jump and do not touch the 5000 volt cable. If you do not want to lose a few inches on the body, or trying bared.
ELECTRIC MAN 2 ELECTRIC MAN 2 Bash enemy creatures through multiple rounds of combat. See game for full controls.
TDP4 Team Battle TDP4 Team Battle Yay our first ever multiplayer game on shotgun games.net. The darkness project 4 or TDP4. It supports 3 game modes, deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture teh flag (CTF). First thing you need to do is make an account to save your progress and weapons otherwise you can try the game with a guest account. The game is a blast but is also challenging and takes some time to master. Check out the in-game tutorial for instructions on how to play.
Sandman Rampage Sandman Rampage Game that lets you massacre everyone no matter what the reason. A fairly simple game violence.
Run Hero Run Run Hero Run choose the hero then help them overcome obstacles quickly trying not to catch the other heroes you
Happy Tree Friends - Cub Shoot 2 Happy Tree Friends - Cub Shoot 2 This time you have to fire Cub as close to the middle of a tree as possible. After each shot a bird with a scoring board will appear showing your score.
Friday the 24th Friday the 24th Enter role alongside Jason hockey mask your elves destroy all happiness
Minion The Vectors House Minion The Vectors House Help Gru steal the gun form Victor
The Bullet The Bullet The Bullet is a good shooting game that has a lot of replay value. The target practice elements in game make reusing levels more interesting. Also, the flying bullet is a hit.
Adventures of Minion Adventures of Minion In the game, using the yellow stone to let BOSS hit dizzy, and beat BOSS can pass
Hidden Symbols Despicable Me Hidden Symbols Despicable Me Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden symbols which are in Despicable Me pictures.Avoid clicking unnecessarily,as otherwise your score will get reduced.In 3rd level,find the chosen symbols will get disappeared
ZOMGIES ZOMGIES OMG so many fraqing zombies to kill. Use your shotty to blast those zomgies and run like the wind while avoiding stepping on dead bodies.
Find The Hidden Letters Find The Hidden Letters Use the flashlight to find all the hidden letters. In each level, you have one time to use a super flashlight that will lighten the letter so that you can find them more quickly. But try to find letters as fast as possible because time is limited.
Papa's pastaria Papa's pastaria Unable to book a hotel, you accidentally book to stay at Papa's Pastaria. The catch: you must run and manage the pasta restaurant.
Minion Pic Tart Minion Pic Tart using the available pieces to merge them into pictures of the minion and friends
Days 2 Die: The Other Side Days 2 Die: The Other Side A series of D2D next game, a role of a member of the SWAT team to rescue east and kill zombies.
Minion Creator Minion Creator Note minion makeup to become the most cute and adorable okay
Hidden Spots Minion Hidden Spots Minion search for pieces of beautiful paintings on the minion and pay people
The Torture Game 2 The Torture Game 2 A violent game quite real, should consider before playing. Beautiful graphics, effects and bloodshed.
Minions Fighting Back Minions Fighting Back Please help the innocent minion uncle crocodiles escaped the fire melted away by breaking its shell, use your gun to do it
Tactical Assasin Substratum Tactical Assasin Substratum A violent games as type sniper, remain calm and end the correct target, but do not bring them to life in your
King's Rider King's Rider Ride your horse to battle in your quest to crush the dark wizard and get back the peasant treasure.
Minions GO GO GO Minions GO GO GO on the vehicle's outlandish boss gru get over all obstacles on the way to your destination okay
Thing Thing Arena 3 Thing Thing Arena 3 A kind of violence in the next part of ThingThing, looks and plays smooth, hours of fun guarenteed!
Minions Bubble Shooter Minions Bubble Shooter Please pay attention to the time, because the balls will gradually lowered over time and they are very fast
Robot Miner Robot Miner 2216 Wasteland Ore Star, Mining robot WALL·E hears that there are veins of amethyst on the wasteland ore star. Amethyst is a kind of super high concentration mineral. If he can find the veins of amethyst, he can makes the waste ore star become prosperous. Try it and have fun!
Solandia Uprising Solandia Uprising The people have rebelled against their tyrannical rulers. Assault and take over each town as you advance towards the castle in this medieval-themed strategy game.
Plat free war games
Monster Wheels 3D Monster Wheels 3D Race with big monster trucks on various tracks. Stunning 3D tracks and trucks with jumps and driving over other cars will give you lots to explore. Win races to unlock new tracks and new monster trucks. Can you win the races against the computer controlled monster trucks?