Death Penalty: Hat-Trick Death Penalty: Hat-Trick This Halloween season brings a new penalty match against the undeads. Go and kick some balls in this funny physics-based shoot-out soccer game. Defeat your horror rivals to win the Death Penalty: Hat-Trick. Much fun!
Death Penalty World Cup Death Penalty World Cup Help your favourite club to survive the funny soccer shootout in Death Penalty World Cup sports game. Try to kick each ball at your undead opponents, so that they will bleed to death before they can reach you. Can you win the penalty thriller to gain the championship? Much fun.
18 Goal Golf 18 Goal Golf 18 Goal Golf is a simple minigolf game from Mousebreaker. Aim of the game is to kick the ball into a hole with as less tries as possible. Click and drag the ball to kick. Aim with your mouse. Much fun!
The Suspense 2 The Suspense 2 The suspense-packed puzzle platform game is back and you have to help the poor buddy to survive his adventurous trip through two different time lines. Try to overcome all deadly obstacles by switching between time back and forward and find the golden key in each level. Much fun with The Suspense 2.
Zombies on Wheels Zombies on Wheels Face off hordes of Zombies on Wheels! Check the map and try to make the whole distance riding in your shopping cart while you shoot 'em all up. Much fun!
Flooded Village Holland Flooded Village Holland Dig through the ground and pour water over the small town Holland in the second installment of the cute physics-based puzzle game. Much fun!
Dirty Earthlings Dirty Earthlings After your spaceship made an emergency landing on planet Earth you are under attack by heavily armed armies. Defend your life using a mighty space laser cannon and various towers. Mission is to kill all dirty earthlings before they can destroy you. So shoot down helicopters, vaporize tanks and wipe out every sleazy attacker as you collect energy orbs to upgrade your weapons and armor. Much fun
Empires of Arkeia Empires of Arkeia Empires of Arkeia is a fantastic tower defense game in which you have to rescue your island from dangerous invaders. Build upgradeable units around your domain and use good strategies to defeat all incomming waves. Unlock new technologies, upgrade your troops and try to stop the cruel raiders to conquer Arkeia. Much fun
Stickman Freestyle BMX Stickman Freestyle BMX Join this fun-addicting Stickman Freestyle BMX racing game and crack all records. Aim is to ride on your oldschool BMX bike across the wacky path to the aim, performing awesome stunts and tricks. It's freestyle baby! Much fun!
Good Daddy 2 Good Daddy 2 Super dad is back to another puzzle challenge in Good Daddy 2! Help the man one more time to escort his little boy to school safely. Use your mind to clear the way and overcome all hazardous traps and deadly obstacles. Much fun!
Zombies in Space Zombies in Space You are on a special mission on the Moon to wipe out hordes of undead space men. They are attacking you from the left and the right side. Try to shoot them and avoid to get killed. Collect useful items and earn new skills to defeat all Zombies in Space. Much fun!
Devil's Leap 2 Devil's Leap 2 Play Devil's Leap 2, the new installment of the fun physics-based puzzle game. Your object is simple: use the little red devil to eliminate all angels in each stage. Much fun!
Kitt's Kingdom Kitt's Kingdom Look, sergeant Kitt! That's your new mission. Take it or leave it. The hostile attitude of the dogs towards Kitt's Kingdom spins out of control. Their ultrahazardous armies are invading our territory in waves right now. You must defend the kings tower at all costs. If you do a great job you will earn enough money to hire soldiers, purchase more weapons, towers and upgrades. Good luck!
Nelly 2: Episode 1 Nelly 2: Episode 1 Ready for Nelly 2: Episode 1? Great! Help little Nelly for the second time to survive all adventuresome happenings in this mysterious physics-based puzzle game. Much fun!
Ninja vs Zombies 2 Ninja vs Zombies 2 Time for the second round of the battle between the unknown brave hero and bloodthirsty braineaters. In the cool brawler game Ninja vs Zombie 2 you have to hack and slash through an uncontrolled pack of undeads. After each round you can upgrade your weapons, abilities and special attacks with the money you earned. Are you good enough to survive all 20 stages? Much fun!
Moto X Dare Devil Moto X Dare Devil Screw up your courage to lay your passion out there in this extreme motorbike stunt game Moto X Dare Devil. Race over ramps while staying on two wheels and perform impressive tricks as you control your motorcycle through a series of daredevil jumps. Much fun!
Transformice Transformice Transformice is a funny multiplayer free-to-play platform game where you play as a mouse. Your mission? Grab some cheese and get it back to the mouse-hole! Enjoy Transformice !
Scribbles 2 Scribbles 2 The cute doodles are back. It's your task to lead the funny drawn smiley faces into the given container. Think smart and draw a line with the pencil to overcome obstacles and bring all scribbles to their destination. Enjoy Scribbles 2.
Bird Smasher 2 Bird Smasher 2 Bird Smasher 2 is a funny fighting game from MaxGames. Beat up the birds by smashing them with your hands and feet. You have 5 lives to rack up as many points as possible by smashing birds.
Hopagon Hopagon Welcome to world of Hopagon, an addictive, physics-based one-button platform game. Option is to help the yellow box to move unhindered through each stage to the exit portal by hopping over all obstructive red blocks. If your timing is worse the poor hopagon will smash into much pieces. Much fun.
John Citizen 2 John Citizen 2 John Citizen 2 is another cool shooting game presented by Maxgames.com. Your mission is to track down and destroy the ultimate ruler of the Earth. Enjoy John Citizen 2!
Never Lose Rope Never Lose Rope Never Lose Rope is an addictive platform game developed by Samuel Bouchet & John Ingemi and presented by Max Games. Collect the fallen stars and create new constellations but never lose the rope!
Extreme Explosions Extreme Explosions The object of Extreme Explosions is to help the rocket to fly unhindered through all levels. Therefore you have to demolish the given structures with your ultimate explosive ammo. Place a limited number of various bombs around the objects and try to destroy everything above the dotted line. Much fun.
Nuts and Bolts Nuts and Bolts Nuts and Bolts is an addictive 30 level puzzle game. Your mission? Help the little robots Nuts and Bolts to reach the exit of each level by connecting platforms. Enjoy!
Orbit Breaker Orbit Breaker Use your little spaceship to destroy all planets in the fun-addicting, physics-based puzzle game Orbit Breaker whereby timing is everything. Much fun.
I Have 1 Day I Have 1 Day I Have 1 Day' is an addictive point-and-click adventure game from MaxGames. You have only 1 day to solve the mystery and save your kingdom. You only have one day, but you can have it over and over again!
Slime Hook Slime Hook Throw your Slime Hook to green surfaces and swing yourself accross the grid to the exit portal. Much fun!
Max Dirt Bike 3 Max Dirt Bike 3 Hop on your dirt bike and pedal over all obstructive objects as you keep from tipping over and crashing. Try to finish each race in best time to gain the high score in Max Dirt Bike 3. Much fun!
Rocket Cap Rocket Cap Rocket Cap is a funny distance game sponsored by MaxGames.com. Help the artist Cap to rescue the cute princess from the most evil creature: The Clown!
Dummy Never Fails 2 Dummy Never Fails 2 The never failing dummy returns after the great success of the original game. Throw crash dummies from a cannon and hit the target to complete a level. Enjoy Dummy Never Fails 2!
Slayer 3 Slayer 3 Slayer 3 is a cool fighting game presented by Maxgames. As a Slayer, Dristen must complete various missions from Valeron and take control of his fate. Good Luck!
Doors: Out of Office Doors: Out of Office Doors: Out of Office is a fun-addicting platform puzzle game, in which you have to think out of the box. It's Friday afternoon. Who's all ready to call it a day and go home now? Right, the underpaid employee wants to be out of the office. So help the man to open lots of doors in order to find the right exit. Much fun.
Rot Gut Rot Gut As a dreadful secret agent you are send to Rot Gut to clean up the city's criminals and restore the founding virtues of the godly town. Sneak through the dark streets and use various guns to kill all baddies before they harm you. Earn money and shop upgrades for your weapons. Enjoy Rot Gut.
Square Hero: Origins Square Hero: Origins Take over the role of the brave super hero and help the needies. You have to rescue them all from danger, but beware of your weaknesses like fire and the green stone. Enjoy Square Hero: Origins.
Once In The Cave Once In The Cave Once In The Cave there was a little, brave magician on a thrilling quest to defeat the evil wizard. Help the good guy to make his way from platform to platform collecting coins and useful magical weapons and potions as you try to wipe out all enemies. Much fun!
Lava Climber Lava Climber Play Lava Climber, a cool jump and run platform game in retro style. Navigate your pixel hero on his dangerous mission to rescue his girl friend and beware of deathly spikes, cruel monkeys and of course, the rising lava flow! Good luck!
Lost Outpost Lost Outpost Take the Lost Outpost using your full force, cause there are some badass aliens remaining on the space station. So go in and shoot 'em up as you pick up useful armor and weapons along the way. Are you able to take the outpost over without getting spotted? Much fun!
Shadow of the Ninja 2 Shadow of the Ninja 2 The plucky shadow warrior is back to rescue more innocent people from brutal imprisonment. Take on this heroic role in Shadow of the Ninja 2 and complete various missions. Sneak through enemy territory without being detected, free the prisoners of war and fight your way through the treacherous terrain back to safety using your aweful skills and abilities. Much fun.
Agent Smith Agent Smith You are Agent Smith and you mission is to take out the bad guys while saving the good guys. Enjoy!
Mad Arrow Mad Arrow Mad Arrow is an addictive tower defense game made by MaxGames. Place warriors with bow and sword fighting skills to protect your treasures from barbarian assault. This is madness!
Bit Dungeon Bit Dungeon Help the pixel buddy to escape that dark and mysterious dungeon. Explore all rooms bit by bit, collect useful items and battle dreadful creatures. Try to survive as long as you can and make your way out to the exit. Enjoy Bit Dungeon.
Uphill Rush 6 Uphill Rush 6 Uphill Rush 6, Go all-out crazy in this hi-speed sequel to the world-famous racing game!