Simple Motions 2 Simple Motions 2 Play the second installment of the enjoyable physics-based puzzle game, in which you have to collect all golden stars. Control the red ball and perform easy movements in order to complete your mission in each stage and reach the flag. Enjoy Simple Motions 2.
Stop GMO 2 Stop GMO 2 Stop GMO 2 is a funny shooting game with an angry rabbit and much salad. Your mission is simple: Fight the salad or become one. Enjoy!
Transmyter Transmyter Control the little Transmyter alien through the horror Earth back to his friends. Along the way you Transmyter has to face lots of danger. Help him to transform into things and subjects to overcome traps and enemies. Much fun!
Toilet Success! Toilet Success! Toilet Success! Yay! The title says it all! In this silly but funny puzzle platform game you have to help the trollface to do his business. Your aim is to reach the potty in time. Jump over gaps, climb steps and overrun rivals. You have to do everything to finish your mission successful before it's too late. Much fun!
You Are Still a Box You Are Still a Box Even in the second installment of the cute physics-based puzzle game you are still a box. And there still are some chickens dumb as a sack of hammers. It´s your task to bring the dimwits safe to the exit door. Collect as much cakes as you can on your recovery mission. Enjoy You Are Still a Box.
Go Robots Go Robots Go Robots is a fun physics-based puzzle game, in which you have to help the two bots to reach their portals in each stage. Cut ropes and click on boxes to clear the way from obstacles and traps and make both robos to move to their destination. Enjoy.
Angel of the Battlefield 2 Angel of the Battlefield 2 The Angel of the Battlefield returns for its second edition. Help the brave bunny to rescue wounded aviators out of crashed airplanes and bring them over the field to the rabbits first aid tent. Enjoy Angel of the Battlefield 2.
Bob's Balloons Bob's Balloons Bobs Balloons is a funny shooting game, in which you have to help the little boy to shoot lots of balloons. Earn tons of bonuses before you battle the big boss at the end. Play the survival mode and try to survive as long as you can. Much fun.
The Mechanicer The Mechanicer The Mechanicer is a cool puzzle platform game, in which you have to lead the robot through several dismal rooms. Help him to reach the exit door in each level. Use the mechanical energy to perform motions like moving objects or turning on switches. Try to overcome any kind of obstacles on the way out. Much fun.
Another Planet 2 LP Another Planet 2 LP Control the alien through the dangerous, foreign terrain of ANOTHER PLANET 2 LV to catch his so much wanted treasures. Jump from platform to platform and shoot enemies using your powerful laser gun. Much fun.
Stop GMO Stop GMO In this funny action game you have to stop hordes of genetically modified organisms, which are attacking you. Jump into pumpkins to earn money to purchase new weapons and cool upgrades. Kill all mutated veggies, before they kill you. Enjoy Stop GMO
Run Red Run Run Red Run Help little red riding hood to run away from the badass wolf, because she doesn't wanna be eaten by him. Along the way the afraid girl must get over hazards like huge stones or her run will be over. Try to reach the furthest distance in RUN RED RUN and catch as much of apples and other stuff, too, to increase your score. Much fun!
Cat Around Europe Cat Around Europe Meow! The cute cat is almost starving. Support it on the travel through the European cuisine and feed the bushy animal with tasty nom noms by removing obstructive blocks. Enjoy Cat Around Europe
Cut the Monster Cut the Monster Your mission in this funny physics-based puzzle game is to Cut the Monster using your mighty laser beam. In each stage you have to cleave through all creatures until they are all off the platforms. Much fun!
Another Planet 2 Another Planet 2 Join that little green man from outer space in another risky mission. In Another Planet 2 he has to steal all gems in each stage, whereby the the whole world is different. Use the laser gun to kill enemies and divide platforms as you are trying to build a kind of an overpass. Much fun
Hippo's Feeder Hippo's Feeder Hippo's Feeder is a funny skill game made by Dreamgate Company. Your mission is simple: Feed a hippo with watermelons. Sounds simple, but isn't it!
Pinata Hunter 2 Pinata Hunter 2 Pinata Hunter 2 is the second sequel of the funny and sweet upgrade game by MyPlayYard. Whack the cute unicorn shaped pinata around to beat tons of candy out of it. Earn enough money to buy awesome items and destroy all three different papier-mâché figures. Enjoy Pinata Hunter 2
Cat Around Asia Cat Around Asia The hungry cat continues to travel around the world, now it got to Asia. Help the kitty fulfill its food cravings as it travels across the asian continent. Enjoy Cat Around Asia!
Parking Hooligan 2 Parking Hooligan 2 Do people call you a troublemaker justifiably? Bite your tongue and make much more trouble. In Parking Hooligan 2 you can reduce some aggression. In this new installment of the funny parking game its your aim to get your little vehicle inside the parking lot, whereby you have to cause the highest grade of destruction around. Much fun!
Xonix 3D Xonix 3D Play another sequel of the popular Xonix puzzle game which comes in an unique and addicting 3D mode. Mission is to cut off pieces of the map by drawing lines. Try to avoid any contacts to enemy balls and collect power ups and bonuses. Enjoy Xonix 3D.
Agent Turnright Agent Turnright Agent Turnright is a cool one button, arcade game with an addictive nature, made by PencilKids. Help the pixel hero, who can only turn right, on his challenging missions to survive, escape and destroy. Lead the secret agent safely through the platform and control his turns for the right time. Much fun.
Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2 Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2 Your search for a playable toys brings you back to Monkey Go Happy Elevators 2 the new installment of the cute point and click puzzle game. Help the little sniveler to find all hidden items to get happy again. Much fun!
Bowja The Ninja 2 Bowja The Ninja 2 Inside Bigman's Compound" - Bowja, the sweet Ninja is back! Use your mouse to click on objects and enemies to activate features or to shoot an arrow. Control Bowja with your mouse and guide him through the game. A white cursor means that you are free to make a move. If you see a red cursor you have to wait.
Jack van Cell - stinger-sniper Jack van Cell - stinger-sniper The Sniper named 'Jack van Cell' has to fight against the bio-robotic forces. Shooting: Aim and shoot with your mouse. Click and Point: Click on objects and locations to activate a hidden function or to use an item. You must solve all puzzles to progress through each mission.
Monkey Go Happy Mayhem Monkey Go Happy Mayhem This is something sad, little apes hanging around with a lack of motivation. But you can help them out the trouble and make them laughing again. So go on and solve various puzzles to win this funny Monkey Go Happy Mayhem!
Anbot 2 Anbot 2 Anbot 2 is a funny action packed point and click adventure game created by Pencil Kids. Your mission is to help Anbot escape the factory. Much Fun!
Monkey Go Happy Tales 2 Monkey Go Happy Tales 2 Try to get through the second story of Monkey Go Happy Tales 2, the brandnew sequel to cute interactive point and click puzzle game. Your object is to perk up a weeping ape of your choice by retrieving the missing mini monkeys. Explore the mystical environment and test things out to find a little one in each level. And you will see: every monkey is going to be happy again. Much fun
Monkey Go Happy Elevators Monkey Go Happy Elevators Give your best in time of need in Monkey Go Happy Elevators, the brandnew sequel to popular point and click brain teasing series of cute little apes. Choose your character first and treat him a funny hat. Scout the terrain around the elevator to find hidden objects. Use those wisely to solve all riddles and make the monkey go happy again. Much fun!
Monkey Go Happy 6 Monkey Go Happy 6 Super awesome Monkey Go Happy 6 is here, another installment of the popular point and click puzzle game series. Business as usual you have to unravel various mysteries to make the sad hero happy again. Choose one of the apes, sweet as sugar and dress your cutie monkey up with a nicely hat before the adventures begin. Much fun.
Monkey Go Happy Tales Monkey Go Happy Tales Play the latest installment to the legendary point and click puzzle game and bring a smile to the sad monkeys face. Can you unravel all mysteries in the Monkey Go Happy Tales game? Much fun!
Monkey Go Happy Guess Monkey Go Happy Guess Guess which word is missing in this tricky sequel to the cool Monkey Go Happy series. In marked contrast to the well known previous episodes you have to try to figure out a hidden word in each stage. Use hints if you get stuck but note that you will earn less points. Can you make the cute ape happy again? Much fun!
Monkey Go Happy: Castle Monkey Go Happy: Castle Monkey Go Happy: Castle is here! Uhh, all lovely, mini monkeys were abducted to a scary fortress, where an evil scientist transformed them into dark creatures. Start a rescue operation, but first go to the character screen and choose a sad ape you want to play with. Aim is to make the monkey go happy by finding all hiding little gargoyles. So explore the castle, click on interactive objects and combine different items together to cause a chain of action to complete your mission. Much fun.
Monkey Go Happy : Mini Monkeys 2 Monkey Go Happy : Mini Monkeys 2 In the second installement of the fun-addicting point and click puzzle game the cold season of the year arrived and the famous apes face freezing winter temperatures. But before they can go happy to a warm place you have to find all of the 15 missing mini monkeys and return those to the basket. Enjoy Monkey Go Happy: Mini Monkeys 2.
Totem Destroyer 2 Totem Destroyer 2 In the second sequel of the fun-addicting physics-based puzzle game Totem Destroyer it's your option to get the figure on black platforms. To move it there you just need to break the given blocks into pieces. Enjoy Totem Destroyer 2.
Z3lda: Mini Game Z3lda: Mini Game This Z3lda: Mini Game is an addictive RPG full of action. Your job is to support the little hero Link on his rescue mission. Gain medals, solve challenges as you go and learn new skills on your adventurous trip through the legendary kingdom to save the lovely princess Zelda. Much fun.
Second Wind Second Wind Second Wind is an unusual turn-based rpg text adventure and comes up in a playful 8-bit mode. Your option is simple, choose your pixel character, explore dungeons, fight against monsters and defeat dreadful enemies. Once if you die, it's not over because you will get renewed energy. Much fun.
Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Amorphous+ is a cool action game, in which you have to wield your sharp sword. Mission is to hack and slash through masses of different blobs. The more amorphous characters you destroy the more points, the more achievements and the more new abilities you earn. Have fun.
Shadow Tag Shadow Tag Shadow Tag is a spooky puzzle game in which you have to find your car keys before your batteries of the flashlight are empty. Move quickly through the dark maze-like front garden and beware carefully of the evil kids who want to hunt you in the shadows. Otherwise: Tag - You're it! Good luck.
Mass Chaos Mass Chaos Cause the ultimate Mass Chaos and kill as many of these funny manikins as you can within 60 seconds! Enjoy the hubbub coming from the city street.
Madness Accelerated Madness Accelerated The bloody madness is back in town and it is more accelerated. Defend yourself from hordes of assassins simply with your knife or submachine gun. It's your mission to kill all baddies and collect useful ammo, coins and healthy bonuses to survive. Enjoy Madness Accelerated.
Rise Rise Select your character you want to play with and go on your dangerous mission to Rise to the top of the mystical tower. Along the way you have to face off dangerous enemies and fight turn-based battles. Can you win victory over them all and continue your ascent? Much fun!
Yakuza Rising Yakuza Rising Assigned by the gouvernment you have to free Tokyo from an evil gangster boss and his brutal yakuzas at all costs. Run and gun through the dark city and kill them all in the cool retro style shooting game Yakuza Rising. Much fun!