The Last Stand 2 Shoot the incoming zombies. Set traps, arm other survivors with weapons and blow the zombies away!
Box Head The Zombie Wars Fight an army of zombies using awesome new weapons
Village Defense Your objective is to defend the city at all costs by arming and placing the citizens to attack the undead.
Autumn War You command the red units. Kill the green units. Select units by clicking on them, move them by clicking on the ground and attack enemies by clicking on them. You can attack enemies with crosshairs on them especially the ones that come in contact. Watch out for the number of units in the squad, you don't wanna be left alone. You can also buy vehicles and guns. Advance your line to the enemy's line to win the mission. Are you ready to give commands?
The Last Stand During the night, protect your barricade against the oncoming hordes. Manage your time during the daylight hours to search for weapons, survivors and to repair.
Dragon Tower One magic warrior must fight the demons to unlock the treasure of hope. Pick up dropped demons to help you.
Zombie War Your mission in this online zombie game is to control the last platoon of soldiers on earth and save humanity from the zombie hordes. Kill all the zombies in each sector to clear that level and move onto the next. Take control of your soldiers and use them to destroy the zombies and build defenses. Use your commanders gun to protect your base. Once the base is destroyed it's game over. Use the upgrades to kill more zombies. You start each level with 3 soldiers. A Machine gunner, a Hand grenadier and an engineer. Each solider type has different abilities.
Zombie Burger Even the undead enjoy a quick snack. Serve up grotesque meals for your zombie customers! Would you like fingers with that?
Scooby Stall Identify the fiendish characters' desired food and serve it before the time gets over. Use mouse to click,and drag and drop the food item. Satisfied fiendish characters will place the money. You'll have to collect it, score more to play the next level.
Zombie Slayer For no apparent reason humanity has a grudge against zombies.
Ultimate Down In Ultimate Down, TV violence comes true. Take the control of a prisoner who is forced to fight against zombies on a TV reality show. Be careful, many enemies will invade you, and there will always be more and more throughout the levels.
Grave 2 The second installment and the zombie shooting series.
Pimp My Zombie Zombies need pimping too. So pimp them up.
Meat Mansion II You need to pick better hiding places. This house is (also) full of Zombies! Keep the undead at bay whilst attempting to escape your butt out of here...
Zombie Blaster 3 Shoot the zombies as fast as you can, but watch out for those long reload times.
Zombie Land Come and visit Zombie Land! Drive with your skateboard through this metal-slug-like game using arrows and shoot zombies, also collect power and extra
City of The Lost Shoot all the zombies that chase after you. Learn how to run backwards and shoot or you'll die quick
Twelve Towers In this side view tower defense the world has been conquered by the evil forces of Orgak. But one hero steps forward to reclaim the Twelve Towers and restore peace. Learn and cast spells, develop your hero's skills, kill hundreds of foes, reclaim all twelve towers and become a legend.
Letum Take on hordes of zombies.
24 Days in the Mall Defend the Mall in different missions, from the hordes of zombies for 24 days!
Grave 3 The 3rd installment of the series and this is where you will the end to everything.
I am Legend Pass the first somewhat boring level to get to zombie shooting. Blow the zombies brains out.
First Person Shooter in Real Life 5 Shoot the monsters as you move through real life. Blast their heads open!
Zombie Rush Matt and Draconica's Surfshack is under attack by zombies. With the help of Tidal, would you be able to defend it using the weapons and magic powers they had? Have fun killing those zombies!
Spooky Hoops Ever played basketball with the undead! Funny game!
Zombie Squirrel Attack You are the squirrel who must take out the attacking zombies. Use your gun to shoot the zombies. Take cover when necessary to avoid the zombies that shoot at you. As you complete each level you get a new gun to use.
Shaun of the Dead Hordes of zombies are marauding the nightspots. You'll need to dodge and batter your way through countless corpses. Avoid getting bitten!
The Simpsons Zombie game This game will provide you with hours of online entertainment, all while you get to kill the zombie Flanders.
Robotron 2084sh Shoot the monsters and collect the humans. Don't let the monsters attack the humans. Levels get hard
Night of 1000 Zombies Beat all the zombies by throwing pumpkin at them.
Invasion of the Halloween Defend yourself from the undead!
Vampire Slay Protect the village by shooting all the monsters. Use your mouse to point and shoot.
The Unfortunate Necromancer 2 Shoot the enemies that surround you as you push "S" to gather items and upgrade.
Zombie Invaders Shoot wave after wave of zombies!
The Atonement You play as Wolfgang and you must fight your way through the graveyard against bats and undeads. Use your knife or your gun,combined with your awesome jumping moves and you will succeed in this mission.
Hannah vs The Zombies Stupid Zombies! You are SO not cool! I will destroy you with the awesome power of pop music. Prepare to be rocked!
Bloody Ground Fight swarms of creepy enemies. Watch out for the electrified border.
Dawn of the Bod Shoot all the zombies in the graveyard.
Even Dead Men Die Blow away an army of smelly, goo-spitting zombies.
Martin Mystery: Zombie Island Help Java stomp undead fiends and creepy-crawlies in this ghastly twist on midway whack-a-mole games.
Grave Shoot and kill zombies everywhere.
The Hold Out Shoot the incoming waves of zombies as you stay behind the counter and upgrade your skills.