Battle Gear In the strategy defense game Battle Gear you can prove your battlefield skills. Send out your army to defeat the enemies and conquer all the land.
Big Truck Adventures 2 Drive the truck up and down hills as you try to keep your load from spilling. Use turbo for speed.
Bush Rampage Bush unleashes the ultimate American weapon: The Tilty Truck! Squish stick soldiers, bash buildings, trash tanks!
Dino Hunters Place strategically your weapons and prepare to eliminate all on your way using the big cannon. Don't let the enemy reach your base.
Monster Truck Curfew Get Your Tilty Truck Home in Time!
Extreme Trucks 2 The trucks are bigger, faster, stronger! Test out the new red wheels in the extreme conditions of the North American deserts.
Crazy Crossings You control a Crossing Patrol Guard/Lollipop Person who is tasked with helping kids cross the road to school.
Rev Ups Climb Steel Surfaces Drive on the steel surfaces grabbing all the magnets and head toward the exit.
Heli Combat Stay alive as you drop bombs, launch missiles, and shoot machine guns at the enemies that appear.
Mad Truckers Drive the big rig truck and keep it on your side of the road without hitting other vehicles.
Extreme Trucks Extreme Trucks is another 2D vehicle skill game which is quite similar to the well known bike games.
Monster Truck Rampage Drive your monster truck as you shoot enemy vehicles, soldiers, UFOs, turrets, tanks and more!
Frost Garden Freeze all of these invaders of your garden.
Speed Shot Drive a fast Hyundai coupé car and avoid the obstacles while trying to collect the artifacts. You have several difficulty levels.
Smugglers Choose your car, then escape the police as they chase you down. Grab the crate and deliver it safely.
Drag Race Demon Push your drag race car to the limit in this exciting racing car game. Win money and upgrade your dragster, but remember driving too fast makes you flip!
Art of War: El Alamein Shoot the incoming enemies on trucks, motorcycles, and even helicopters. Can you survive it all?
Big Truck Adventures 3 Third installment of the game Big Truck Adventure. Drive your truck up and down the hill!
Cyber Ryder If all these bike skill games are way too hard for you, you should try your luck in the easy and fun sport game Cyber Ryder.
Monsta Truk Choose your truck and then race over all 20 levels to the finish as fast as possible.
Big Monster Truck The objective of the game is to finish the levels while doing big air. Finish the levels as quickly as possible.
Ice Road Truckers 2 Join the Ice Road Truckers again to haul your cargo across the frozen wastes. Avoid the perils including Ice Breaks, the Arctic Sea and Polar Bears to deliver the good.
Skidpan Collect medals to unlock next levels.
Parachute Retrospect Drop the people onto the trucks.
Reach the Pitch The race is on! Steer your cricket team to the ground to have them play the game of their lives!
Highway Madness Perform delivery missions in this game. Drive a car along the road with heavy traffic. Avoid colliding, collect and try to perform the mission.
18 Wheeler Challenge Drive the big rig along the road and park it into spots. Don't forget to correct your steering.
Super Truck Racer Get your truck safely to the finish while collecting all the stars.
Top Truck Balance your big foot truck as you try not to crash or tip over. Make each level in the given time.
Sky Guardian Shooting game with some new approach.
Cargo Truck Jigsaw

Cargo Truck is very important kind of trucks at the world. At this game we have a picture of cargo truck, which wait to you to solve fastest as you can. Cargo Truck Jigsaw is jigsaw truck game where first you must to select your expertise level to play, and then you will start to collect shuffled pieces at one picture, and that must to be done before time limit is gone. If you need more time you can remove the time limit, and to continue with the game. Use your mouse to play this truck puzzle game.

What the Truck Hurl Larry the Cable Guy's ride into a path of vehicular destruction. Boost your truck and blow up as much property as possible for big air and bigger points.
Crazy Mustang Drive over the hills and other obstacles as you try to grab all the stars without tipping over.
Scania Driver Drive your big rig and later on a bus as you maintain your speed, watch your gas levels and more.
4x4 Rally Extreme 4x4 on and off road racing game, Race against 4 other drivers on ice, through cities, swamps, deserts, and forest.
Blast Master Your task as Blast Master is to destroy as many enemy trucks, airplanes, helicopters and terrorists as possible.
Kachra Gaadi Take care! There are vehicles with crazy speed on the road.
Top Truck 2 Choose the monster truck that you want to overcome obstacles in each race; keep your balance and crush everything in your way.
18 Wheeler 2 Drive your 18 wheeler across the freeway and try to park it in tight spots on some levels.
Rocky Rider Complete each level as fast as you can and don't crash your car.
Fishtruck Shoot the birds flying overhead as they try to steal your fish. Upgrade through shops you pass by.
Super Racer Control the physics of your truck.