Avatar Fortress Fight Use the trebuchet to launch your bolder to the neighboring village. Destroy their building!
Fit to Be Pie'd Fight against computer by throwing a pie at them.
Crush The Castle Crush the castles with your catapult as you launch your rocks and try to kill everybody inside.
Demoman Demolish all office buildings by swinging your demolition ball at it!
Lateral Collateral Pass the ball as a new opponent appears to your friends and try to do touchdowns!
Wedgie Toss 2 Launch the man as far as possible by giving him the best wedgie you can.
Showdown at Santa's Defend Santa's place as you throw snowballs at all the incoming holiday creatures. Get power ups!
Sesam Katapult Shoot this valiant stunt man character as far as possible with the help of magic clouds.
Danger Girl This girl is so angry with aliens in her backyard that's why you must help her, with the aid of her ball, eliminate them by throwing the ball at them to knock them down and earn some money to purchase some upgrades to your ball.
Super Ninja Strike Ninjas are true masters of guerilla warfare, they stalk their target unseen and attack with lightning speed.

It is up to you to complete your assignment and eliminate any opposition you encounter on your way.
Avatar Fortress Fight 2 Launch fireballs and more at the other village. Try to take down their dojo by launching weapons.
Grrrila Superstar Beatdown Choose your celeb. Drop-kick your celeb into Grrlas playground. Unleash your Grrr! and get points!
9 Dragons Charm Similar to Zuma, you throw the colored balls into the rolling line of balls to make groups disappear
Ninja Quest Ninja quest is a free sideview platform flash game in which you have to fight the evil ninja clan that captured your girlfriend.
Kitten Cannons Launch the kitten as far as possible.Just aim the cannon using the up/down cursor keys and use space to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot. Leave the rest to gravity and other objects along the way.
Nanaca Crash Choose the right angle to get hit by a bike and measure how far can you fly when get hit by a bike!
Deer Stacker 2 Stack all the deer and don't miss them. The higher the stack, the more points you get. Beware of the mud balls! Some contain more animals for stacking, but not all.
Animal Wars Like Worm games? You should evolve, dude! Angry goats, slimy slugs, fire ants and poopy gorillas wage war against each other. Battle across America, my friends!
Rainforest Rescue Help the monkeys protect the Rainforest by launching oranges at the loggers. But do it quickly before they destroy everything.
Squidbillies Floor It Floor the car, launch Rusty into the sky and do as much damage on the ground as you can.
Ice Slide Fly and slide on ice using sling shot!
All-Star Dodgeball Choose your favorite all stars and play against the computer.
Sling Wars in the Middle Ages Like in Tanks or Worms you defeat opponents in this funny battle game. Throw stuff instead of using hi-tech weapons as you are in the Middle Ages.
Sock and Awe Sure, he's the most unpopular American president, EVER. But he still has cat-like reflexes! Can you peg the prez with a stinky boat shoe? How can you resist?
The Aristocrat Strikes Back You are the Aristocrat and you have to protect the ice statue against Professor's family.
Flap Jack: Adventure Bound Gather gold coins and thus accumulate a great treasure. Use the mouse to move the whale and make click to throw the captain Jack.
Crazy Beavers Launch your buddy beaver for a heck of a ride! A see how far you can get him sliding on the ice, without (or with a lot) hitting spiky and icy objects. Pull the other beaver , hold the mouse button to power up , and finally release him into mid air!
Cat vs Dog at the beach Throw shells at the cat and beat him!
War Club Fight against CPU or another player.
Naruto Snowy Battle Field Help Naruto Beat Konohamaru in to a snow fight.
Turkey - Fling Fling the turkey as far as you can.
Ronaldo 2 Real Fly your way out of the hospital!
Presidential Toss off Your chance to show how you feel about these presidential candidates.
Sextreme Catapult This catapult's extreme! Fling yourself as far as you can. But try not to land on any unpleasant surprises.
Yankee Go Home See how far you can hit people.
Muz Firlat Adjust your power and angle then shoot bananas at the empty barrel.
Harry Potter Quidditch Throw the ball threw the hoops without getting blocked by your rival.
Chill Out At The Mall A snowball fight game! Hit as many as you can to proceed to the next level.
Ultimate Mega Hoops The objective of the player is to shoot the basketball as many as you can. This game has 10 levels and every level the movement of the basket will
become faster and faster. Good luck and have fun...
Big Beach Sports Get the right angle and power to get the frisbee to fly as far as possible as it bounces.
Nutty Mc Nuts The aim is to guide Nutty, the stunt squirrel through the dangerous levels collecting nuts. You have to use the various types of devices to throw Nutty into the air but remember if you are not accurate enough then Nutty will lose a life.
Frost Garden Freeze all of these invaders of your garden.