Yahoo Tennis A fast 3D tennis game that is funny and challenging. You control the most closest player in a back tail view tennis game. The game rules are like normal tennis.
Twisted Tennis Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to build up power for a smash hit! Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to build up power for a smash hit!
Tennis Game This is the most fun and enjoying tennis game with ultra cool graphics to keep you playing for several hours. Enjoy!
Grandslam Tennis Take on the masters of the game in Grand Slam Tennis, and work your way up to the trophy!
Tennis Master Beat Top Tennis players in the world in this funny but very challenging tennis game!
Techno Tennis A futuristic game of tennis.
Da Bomb Pong Be careful with bomb. If you miss a bomb you will be blown up. During the hit, move the paddle up or down to curve a bomb. Watch the bomb timer. If it runs out a bomb will be blown up. Try to blow it up opponent side not yours.
Crazy Tennis This is a fun prehistoric-themed tennis game with different challenges and opponents. Play against multiple prehistoric animal opponents and see if you can beat them all.
Beach Tennis The Objective of the game is to hit the ball over to your opponents court and onto the sand to score a point.
Shop N Dress Match Point Show your racket skills and earn points to get you a very lovely dresses.
China Open Tennis Play a game of tennis and defeat your opponents.
Anna Kournikova Dress Do you wanna be the stylist of this famous tennis player?
Wimbledone Heroes Play between 3 difficulties as you try to win against the tennis pros.
Tobby Tennis Help Tobby win his tennis match.
Tim Pinball Funny flash pinball machine
Table Tennis Play online table tennis
Disney Tennis It's more of a air hockey game than a tennis but its really fun.
Beavis and Butt-Head: Court Chaos Order in the court! Actually, there's no order in this court. None whatsoever. The tennis balls are flying fast and furious in Court Chaos. Use your mad tennis "skillz," dill-weed, and send them back at those tennis-playing cornholios. Everyone in the country club is after you. Survive their evil tennis onslaught!
Wimbeldon Hero Defeat any player to enter your name into the wimbeldon heroes hall of fame.
Freestyle Squash Go loose on the ball and smash it as hard as you can on the wall! Play one on one matches or the entire competition.
Aitchu Tennis Try your ninja expertise in tennis.
Tennis Guru This is a single player Tennis game to play on you spare time.
Optus Tennis Challenge Try to hit the ball as much as possible
Tennis Smash Can you continous hit the ball in a long period of time.
Paddleball Hit the ball with your paddle as many times as you possibly can!
King Ping Pong Move your paddle and try to win the match.
Power Pong Choose among 3 levels and enjoy this entertaining ping pong game!
Bomb Pong Yo dude, you are gonna to play DaBomb pong? Be careful!
Legend of Ping Pong Can you beat all of the master nations to become a new ping pong legend?
Table Tennis Play Table tennis with players from all over the world!
Freestyle Squash When you feel like bouncing off the walls, make a ball do it instead.
Hip Hop Tennis Keep your serves slammin' and move to the beat to win the coolest tennis tournament ever to hit the courts.
China Open Tennis It's blood, sweat and tears to reach the top... Would it be worth it?
Tennis Master There's always a plentiful supply of competitors ready to take your title of Tennis Master!
Galaktic Tennis Steer your paddle and score goals!
Tennis Champions Smash your way to the top of this tennis tournament!
Out Of Bounds If you've got the skills, tennis will take you around the world!
Twisted Tennis Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to build up power for a smash hit!
Racket Madness With tennis this good, you'd have to be crazy to miss it!
Crazy Tennis You might be primitive, but you can still give these animals a prehistoric pummeling!
Tennis Defeat your opponent in a challenging tennis tournament!
Stick Badminton New technology in badminton? You got it. Or would you rather do it old school?