Andy Law A new super hero, with an endless Weapons, Guns, Amo, levels. Attack and kill all the enemies before they kill you.
Wolverine MRD Escape Wolverine must escape from the M.R.D using nitrous explosion as his covers. Try make it out without being detected by avoiding the cameras and taking out the robot guards.
Cartoon Hero Hunt down the gangs of Monster and be the Cartoon Hero.
Aster Blaster When Nero the Hero tried to play a game of cat and mouse with some aliens - he lost big time. But will his wife, Aster Blaster, be able to save him with her laser-like eyes?
The Day The Office Melted Set in a comic book style world, you play as Mr. Heatbuster. Using your mouse to click on various objects, you must cool items down to stop your arch enemy Ms. Dee Hydration from melting the office.
Click on a heated object and a pulsing target will appear. Click again when it pulses near the centre to cool it down. Can you foil Ms. Dee Hydration's dastardly plot, can you survive the day the office melted?
Guitar Nero In this game, when Aliens with an axe to grind attack, it's up to Nero to save the day again. Luckily, our hero has own axe to grind...
Sort My Tiles Obama and Spiderman Solve this puzzle of President Obama together with our super hero amazing spiderman.
Find The Hero Match the exact same hero given to you before time runs out.
Supergirl Dress-Up 2 Can you help Super girl to wear different kinds of Marvel heroes costumes?
Happy Tree Friends Laser Training It took a long time to develop the idea for Splendid. The aim of the game is to fire as many bees as possible. Your own shoots are your enemies. You can imagine yourself, how a laser-shoot affects Splendid\’s health :). Splendid can be controlled by mouse and you can shoot using the mouse button.
Tic Tac Toe Spiderman

Play the classic Tic Tac Toe with spiderman characters. Try to defeat Venom, is smart. This entertaining game has the option to play with one player or against a friend of yours, show that you are the best.

Flying Batdog Shoot the kryptonite shards that are in the air as you hover on your board as Batdog.
X MEN Trio Squad Fighting Fight the super villains of marvel.
Iron Man Memory

Flip the card and match the Iron Man Memory Match characters before time runs out.

Powerpuff Girls Dressup

create our very own Buttercup one of Powerpuff girls character just the way you like from a wide selection to choose from. Have fun

Batman Revolutions Aliens suddenly launch a brutal surprise attack on Gotham city!Help Batman make his way through waves of alien drones and destroy the ALIEN BOSS!
Spiderman Photohunt The most important newspaper in the city has asked you to take photos of Spiderman in action. Your job isn't easy because this super hero moves fast!
Ultimate Spiderman Rescue

Using the arrow keys navigate your spacecraft to rescue all spiderman toys. Enjoy these 10 levels with your spider space adventure. You must land your spider-ship very slowly. Pick up all the toys in order shown by the white arrow. Watch your fuel levels, grab fuel as you need it by landing on.

Stark Tower Defense Comic book themed tower defense game. 30 levels of great graphics and insane gameplay.
Spiderman Hills Racers

This time Spiderman is racing against his enemy\’s somewhere in deadly hills help Spiderman to reach end of the level before any other opponent reach the end line, choose your favorite character and win the race and unlock new levels...

Ben 10 Dressup

join game with Ben 10 games Ben 10 dressup game to prepare outfits battling aliens

Iron Man Energy Match

Different iron man icons are falling from the top of the screen. To vaporize them, get 3 or more of the same images with iron man in a row vertically or diagonally. You must hurry and complete the game before your time runs out. Use the special blinking hexas image to eliminate more iron man icons. You can increase your time limit by clicking the time button only one time per level.

Bakugan Bike Challenge

Help Dan from Bakugan drive through all the obstacles and get to the finish line in the less time as possible.

Ironman Bike Challenge

Help Ironman ride this cool bike over the hills as each new level presents you with a new challenge to accomplish.

Green Lantern Dressup

Create the perfect costume for your superhero Green Lantern.

Super Mario and Luigi

Sort the tiles to get Mario, Luigi, and all the cast from Mario puzzle.

Super Heros Sudoku

It\’s one of the hottest new super hero symbols game in town, the classic Sudoku.
Just click on the symbol at the right side and then click the box where you want to put it.
Enjoy this with your super hero\’s symbol Have fun solving each level.

The Super Zero You should have read in the news about our Super Zero. He is in a mission of defending the entire globe from the villains attack. While other Super Heroes are defending other parts of the world. Give Super Zero all the necessary weapons he needs, shoot timely blasts and save the town! It is already too late and so the town is burning, hurry!!!
Fatman Go Physics game where you must bring the bomb out into the rain. Your goal is to take the bomb to the rain cloud.
Spider Man Kiss Make Your Super Hero SPIDER MAN kiss his lover, without being noticed by his Villains. Let him kiss her till the loader gets filled to move onto subsequent levels.
Release The Heroes Gather the Powers to release the Super Heroes. To release the Super Heroes, just replace the Powers from their position to align three or more similar food stuff in horizontal or vertical lines On reaching 30 numbers, the Power Indicator on the left side shows a tick Mark over the respective Super heroes Your score increases with the Powers you align. Release the super Heroes to move to next level.
Super Hero Creator Create your own custom super hero the way you want, this game can render over 10.000.000 different combinations, have fun!
Spiderman Bike Challenge Game

In this fun game driving games, Help Spiderman avoid the obstacles and get to the finish line in the less time as possible.

Ninja Turtles Bike Challenge

In this fun game driving games, Help this Ninja Turtle avoid the obstacles and get to the finish line in the less time as possible.

X-Men Kissing

Our super hero X men lovers Scott and Jean try to kiss at a Operation. Help them to kiss without watch other X Men. Have fun.

Batman Online Coloring

Batman has started his journey to rescue the residents of Gotham city. Let's enjoy this adventurous moment by giving wonderful colors to him.

Dark Knight Dressup Game

Have fun customize this famous superhero Batman with a wide selection of accessories. So he could goes out and kick some bad guys.

Dragonball End of The World

The city is under alien attack robot. Goku must come to destroy the robot and save the city from the disaster by using fireball shot into the weaknesses of the robot

Superman Dressup Game

Have fun customize this famous superhero Superman with a wide selection of accessories. So he could goes out and kick some bad guys.

Sort My Tiles Astro Boy

Sort the tiles to get Astro boy in this Sort My Tiles puzzle.

Batman Night Escape Batman is in trouble in the streets of Gotham City and needs your help to guide him on his way.
Spongebob Adventure Y8 Play as Spongebob in this adventure game. Try not to be killed by the many enemies.