Xeno Tactic 2 Xeno Tactic 2 is an absolute must for all the turret defense game lovers of you and makes a great visual impact! Stop the alien vehicles in their tracks by building defensive structures in this tower defense game.
Laser Blast Help Stitch escape from captain Gantu's spaceship.
Moon Sweeper Walk across the moon surfaces, killing hostile enemies with lasers, plasma cannons, rocket launcher and more.
Dragon Vector Take down mythical space enemies with the 5 elements or dragon snot.
Get Off My Planet Get Off My Planet is basically a mixture of the tower defense and city building genres. Your mission is to grow your city and form a new planet while battling waves and waves of enemy starships.
Cyber Ortek You are Cyber Ortek, whose duty and sole purpose is to wreck havoc to different planets of your choice. Destroy the last boss on each level and obtain a new weapon or you can buy a new one. You can also collect power-ups. Have fun wrecking havoc!
Fierce Twilight Hop aboard the Twilight and defend the fleet from attacking droid fighters.
Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S Fly the ship and shoot all enemies. Get the CODE MODULE back from the delightful children, then race to the KND Moon base.
Flash Trek: Broken Mirror Flash Trek is a very complex Star Trek based strategy space game. Colonize planets, trade and combat but first of all you will have to read the tutorial!
Frantic A fast-paced and frantic arcade shooter!
Dracojan Skies Acolytes Final This is the finished version of the Dracojan Skies Acolytes series where you would be able to save the game and use new weapons. Follow the adventures of Rick Kramer as he try to protect Ethonian's guardians, the Drakojans. Collect power-ups as well. Good luck fighter!
Space Ranger Crime Bosses are taking over the Paradox Universe. As Space Ranger, you've got to restore the order.
Star Serpent Sigma Fly through space as you shoot all the enemies and upgrade your ship as enemies get harder.
Star Wings Fly in this top-down space shooter as you blast away enemy ships and try to take out huge bosses.
Bots Zapper Shoot the robots as they fly around on your screen. Careful not to let them shoot you first!
Starfire Flash remake of Tyrian, collect money to buy new ships amd weapons.
Clash n Slash Worlds Away Another version of the game Clash n Slash! With more and new enemies, weapons and upgrades!
Cosmico! Rez inspired space extravaganza starring an adorable little robot.
Alien Galaxion X Fly Spaceships and destroy enemy base!
Star Defender 4 Efface Space Invaders in the graphical masterpiece Star Defender 4.
Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 2 Daffy Duck and Porky Pig successfully took off and is heading to Mars. However, there are more dangers on their way. They get into an asteroid field and must shoot the asteroids before they break their spaceship. Porky takes care of the spaceship controls.
Space Ranger: Buzz Lightyear's Galactic Shootout Try to get a high score by shooting away at the enemies that appear on the screen! Being shot by the enemies or shooting the little green men will reduce your life points.. If you run out of life points, it's game over.
Planet Racer Race against other competitors for money. Upgrade your vehicle in the shop. Build your reputation to become N1 racer in the galaxy.
Cosmic Terminex Shoot your way through outta space in this new vertical scrolling shoot'em up action game.
Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 4 Your mission is to eliminate the martian spaceship. To do that you will have to fire your laser rays.
Uniwar - The Lost Civilization A shoot em up space fighter game.
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Alien Abduction 2 Dodge the enemy fire as you use your UFOs weapons to laser all sorts of items in the game.
Third Rock Rescue Save all of the escaped aliens then rescue your classmates from the government operatives. Use your pulse blast to disable their vehicles and free your captured friends. Hover above friends and aliens to beam them aboard.
Doctor Zed After unsuccessful experiments a gigantic virus escaped from the laboratory. An irretrievable thing happened, the virus began to grow and infect planets on its way. The Galaxy destiny is in your hands. Help Doctor Zed free the Galaxy from harmful infections. Virus hunting has already begun.
Operation Alien Rescue Help Buzz rescue the aliens.
Rusty Planet Shoot the robots as they teleport into rooms as you try to get your spaceship battery back. You must eliminate all of your enemies to reach the next level.
Alien Abduction Proceed to planet earth and abduct as many life forms as possible.
3D Space Flyer Fly through the gold rings and then dodge the blue objects. Game gets faster and faster.
Burning Galaxy Control your spaceship as you fire on enemies coming at you from the right side of the screen.
Planet Platformer 2 The world turns just for you, but you have many obstacles to overcome. Collect the stars to finish the level.
Varth : Operation Thunderstorm Shoot all your enemies with your awesome weapons in this great shoot em up game.
Star Fighter Blast your way through this crowded space route! Blast as many spaceships as you can, without being hit by their blasters or the asteroids. Collect icons for bonuses and help.
Mars Buggy Drive your buggy over the hills of Mars as you rescue the astronauts and keep from tipping over.
Atomic Betty and the Space Invaders Help Betty beat the space invader aliens from creating havoc in the galaxy. Collect candies and power ups while shooting them up and avoid crashing with meteors.
Mission to Jupiter There's nothing to catch you when you fall in space. Aim and control the power of the jump with your mouse to move rock to rock while collecting blue stones.
Star Force Swerve and blast your way through space to reach your mission objective: destroying planet Earth.
Enkai The Galactic War Fly through space in your craft, shoot down enemies with guns and missiles and pick up upgrades.