Achilles Greek mythology tells tales about brave heroes fighting glorious battles. These battles always come with lots of bloodshed, which makes them excellent for re-enactment on your computer screen.

You get to become Achilles, possibly the bravest heroe of his time, armed with sword, shield and spear. All three can be used for bashing up enemy soldiers, so have fun chopping them to bits.

Battle it out with the Trojan warriors.
Plazma Burst An amazingly fun sidescroller shooter. Earn money to purchase new weapons. Tons of levels!
Rage 3 Get keys to unlock doors. New Level Up system - every time you level up you are granted a new power.
Armed with Wings 2 Run and jump as you punch, kick, and slice up enemies. Careful, even the first boss is pretty hard.
Gangster Bros. 1.1 The latest version of Gangster Bros, with bug fixes and improved gameplay.
Moon Sweeper Walk across the moon surfaces, killing hostile enemies with lasers, plasma cannons, rocket launcher and more.
Fear Unlimited 2 Issue 1 Fight all the dark enemies appearing on the screen as you upgrade your character and shoot and slash
Metal Slug Brutal 2 Shoot lots of soldiers, ya know, it's freakin' Metal Slug!
Spiderman City Raid Try to web sling as far as you can!
Dust Customize your character, pick up weapons and kill the enemies before they kill you.
Paladin Kognor, the god of death, has taken over the world with his army of undead minions. Hidden away deep inside a sanctuary, you have been trained in the ways of the light and the sword, so one day you would be able to fight these evil powers.

It is up to you to reclaim the world from the disgraceful beings that move on its surface.
Brink of Alienation IV warning: extremely large filesize: over 11 Mb, be prepared to wait a while for it to load. It takes approx. 40 mins of your time to beat the game. This game was worked on for over a year by the guys at
Armed with Wings Travel through the lands, in a quest to bring justice to the one who destroyed the rebellion army. Armed with an eagle, solve puzzles and beat down bad guys in this action packed platformer.
Transmigration Transform into a dragon, a shark and birds and use your power to kill all the enemies!
Madness Modification Shoot the Madness characters as you explore the world, try challenges, or just experiment. Cool
Super Soldier You're the Super Soldier. Fight for peace.
Ways Hero A side-scroller fighting game with a bunch of knife action over and over again.
Sango Run around the world and find the enemies to defeat. Use your potions to keep your health high.
Jackie Chan's: Rely on Relic Valmont has taken Jade, To force Jackie to hand over the talisman in his possession but Jackie is not the negoiating type and don't like people messing with his family.
Powerpuff Girls: Attack of the Puppybots Destroy the robot dogs and Mojo Jojo's evil henchmen to free the puppies!
A Sitch in Time 2 It's Kim Possible's first day at pre school and her Pre-K villains are out to cruch her her spirit.
Zayo 3 Will Zayo destroy the source of all zombies? Or will he slowly become a zombie himself? Play the final chapter of this awesome platform shooter to find ou
Gun Master Jungle Madness You, little GunMaster, must defend your ziggurat. Enemies on every side! Keep defending; grab those powerups and ammo that fall from the skies, and fight the good fight!
absolute.Madness Prepare yourself for a nice round of uncomplicated annihilation. Wave after wave of assassins are send your way, so itÃÆ\’¢â‚¬â„¢s time to draw your favorite weapon en start firing away.

DonÃÆ\’¢â‚¬â„¢t care about your ammunition or any other pleasure reducing factors, itÃÆ\’¢â‚¬â„¢s all about total destruction in this game.
Fox X the Dawning Meet Jen Fox. She's rich, famous and very good at killing people! With tips from your assistant, Gwen, complete increasingly deadly assignments!
Alaskan Adversary Battle Alaskan Adversaries through the land of ice and snow.
Super Ninja Strike Ninjas are true masters of guerilla warfare, they stalk their target unseen and attack with lightning speed.

It is up to you to complete your assignment and eliminate any opposition you encounter on your way.
Bendy Spidey Point and click to shoot and swing from Spideys Webs!
Omega Warrior Fight the mutants to save the world!
Fireman Incoming Storm This is a side-scrolling game resembling the classic MegaMan gameplay. In this game you have to play as Fireman and make your way through the various challenging levels confronting numerous enemies. Every level has a different mission and also different enemies, but you will come to know about it as you play the game! Just destroy all the enemies and proceed further to the exit door of the level, to advance to the next level. Good Luck and enjoy!
Muay Thai 2 Fight in multiple areas as you punch, kick, and beat the crap out of all the enemies that approach.
Dragon Warrior 2 The sequel of the Dragon Warrior series.
Arny's Battle 2 Arny's back and this time hes got a rhino to ride
The Revenge of the Rusher Rush Lee must take down the Blitz Botz that invaded the NFLZ
Gun Master Urban Warfare Escaped the Jungle Madness intact? Fine. Go play guns on a construction site. Are there any two sweeter words than "unlimited ammunition?" No. No, there aren't.
Disorderly Beat the hell up this crappy over aged people.
Chaos War 3 Fight the stick figures with your sword and spells. Level up your character by killing more enemies.
Brink of Alienation II The sequel to a very good action game just got better. A side scrolling action game where you must kill the aliens.
Evil Nights Almost complete ravage by demoniac attacks, the city of Truxton is desperately in need of your help. Six are left in the city and the attacks occur every night.

It is asked of you to stay in the city and protect it during the night until its is strong enough to defend it self.
Super Crazy Baseball Maniac Deluxe This is the craziest and funniest baseball game ever as you try first to shine your lucky bat then psyche the pitcher and finally the chasing of the ball is on! Have fun!
Rocket Fighter - The lost land of Drain Intelligence reports that the desolate continent of Orain shows existence of some unusual beings. Your mission is to investigate the sea near continent Orain
Sealab 2021 - Time for Trouble The aim of the game is to race out into waters to stop stormy before it's too late.