Sue Beauty Machine Pull the handle, mix body parts and see the character created
War Machine The universal organization ESP is ambitious to rule the warth. They had trained a team of cold-blood robot killers and attacked everywhere in the world. In order to break this horrible and lethal conspiracy, The planet defense force sent out a team of robot to implement this special mission. How will the end goes? can they stop the robot killer? The world is in your hands.
War Machines Take your War Machine into battle to
Cake Factory Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.
Goldburger to Go Make a few changes to the Goldburger To Go machine to get it to work right, drop the burger onto the tray and send it rolling.
Bot Builder Design your ultimate robot fighting machine. Click on the arrows in each category to scroll through the robot options and on the colors to change color.
Cheese Soup Machine Prepare delicious cheese soup by using machines. Press the button of the machines when the bowl coincides with each machine. Attain each level target to play the next level.
Kingdom of Machines In this small action RPG game you play a tiny little hero that faces a robotic Warlord that has destroyed most of the village.

You´d better clean up the mess and get rid of that Warlord!
Razer Foods Fix the ingredients appropriately on each of the rows of the moving machine,to make tasty burgers. Use the mouse to take and fix the ingredients on the moving tray. Try to fix the ingredients before time runs out. If you have taken the wrong ingredient, throw it into the trash bin.
Cog Factory The cog factory has cut back on its workforce leaving only you in charge of sorting all the cogs used to make their 'machine'. Your objective is to group the same colored cogs
together in sprocket spirals. Once three or more cogs of the
same color are adjacent to one another, they will disappear
and connect themselves to the 'machine' in the background. The number of sprocket spirals increases as you progress through the game and the 'machine' gets built.
Dinky Smash Another arcade style game where you have to pile similar dinkeys to accumulate points.
Submachine 3 Try to escape from each series of seemingly endless, identical chambers.
Submachine 2 Explore this mysterious world, collect items, and solve puzzles!
Submachine 4 Stay focused, look everywhere, find and click things, and solve the puzzle.
Submachine 5 Stay focused, find and use items, and try to escape.
Submachine FLF You are locked in a padded room with only a tape player and you need to solve the mystery!
Submachine Zero Look everywhere, find and click on things, don't stop, and be careful!
Submachine 1 Can you escape from this maze of ladders and doors?
Faster Miter Master You work in a lumber mill and are in charge of an advanced new type of saw blade. Cut all the incoming wood down to size without reaching the 'No Wood Zone'. Watch out for metal pieces as you try to increase the amount of board feet you cut.
Baby Happy Yard

Come on,baby,it is your time,happy yard.Baby Rabbit`s friends are been locked.They need your help.If the same animal can be got together,the animal in the cage will be free.The more you rescue,the high score you will get.But you must hurry up,because there is time limited.

Dragons of Atalntis

Dragons of Atlantis draws you into a dark, action-packed adventure set hundreds of years ago. In a lost and lonesome realm, catastrophe looms on the horizon when the four shining kingdoms dominating the world of men are forced to pick up a sword and march against an unspeakable evil. Only you can prevent their ultimate doom!

Build your own great empire by harnessing the wisdom and mysterious powers of the ancient ones. Raise and train an army of dragons in the city of Atlantis, unleash their incredible power on the battlefield and shatter your enemies once and for all!

Fortune favours the brave! Do you have the courage and skill to become the ruler of the realm?
Only on the battlefield will we get to know the truth... join now and unleash your first dragon!

Game highlights
- Build a powerful empire in an ancient and mystical land
- Raise a great and powerful dragon to defend your city
- Conquer the realm with an army of dragons, minotaurs, giants and many other legendary creatures
- Harness the wisdom of the ancient world and develop enormous powers and great abilities
- Participate in a vibrant community of dedicated players, form alliances and fight epic battles together

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Angry Birds Slot Machine

Try your luck with this slot machine game. You will be surprised to see your favorite birds playing on the device display. Bet amounts, press the lever and awaits more combinations to catch birds. To better inform you, you have a whole list with earnings collected. Just access the game menu and be ready to play with Angry Birds.

Biotic Defenders

You are a nanobot that is partaking in government experiments to determine how effective you are in killing viruses and curing the body. Your goal is to kill the viruses and the boss as efficiently as possible. You will face many challenges. Be the best virus-killer possible! All instructions are in the game. Enjoy!

Dead Paradise 2: Reloaded

An excellent sequel of awesome racing game Dead Paradise. More cool cars! More exciting missions!

Fujitsu Defender

Tower defense game based on self levelling your towers. Lots of towers, enemies, achievments and upgrades.
Ballanced game with very wide range of game strategies.

There is over 50 achievements in game, and you get more score and money when you aquire them.

Wedding Dress Decorating

Every girl dreams about her wedding day and about that wonderful wedding dress, right girls? Wouldn't you love to design it and to make it just like in your dreams? Imagine it, you can add all those delicate decorations and sparkles and all kind of sublime accessories. Wow, your wedding dress will look totally perfect! Get ready to decorate it now and let the world admire your ravishing wedding dress!