Armed with Wings 2 Run and jump as you punch, kick, and slice up enemies. Careful, even the first boss is pretty hard.
Avalanche A very cool game of blocks dropping that you must jump onto and get as high as possible.
Starbound Land on the falling platforms and try to reach as high as you possibly can!
Mirror Edge Run around grabbing all the symbols and free running around the top of the city. Master the moves.
Super Chick Sisters Similar to Mario except with little chicklettes. Save the chicklettes from a KFC death!
Fly Girrl Jump on the Dorks and get their drinks. Watch out! The Dorks want to booty-boogie with you. Jump on more than one dork and collect combo points.
The Cat in the Hat - Don't Jump on the Couch Collect goodies while you're jumping to earn more points. Goodies give you lots of energy and make you jump higher. Be careful not to land on your head or it's game over for you! Don't let mom catch you jumping on the couch, land feet first beside the couch.
Orange Runner Collect the speed boots and avoid the traps to reach mega speed.
Tom & Jerry - Run Jerry RUNNN! Have ever seen the Tom and Jerry cartoon?
Now you've got a chance to be Jerry!
VeggieTales Jump Ship Control the distance of your jump just right to land the escape boat.
Drallion Elements Jump on platforms as you grab the floating glowing orbs. Try to survive through each level.
Sonic - Shadow The Hedgehog Race Shadow to the end of the level while destroying enemies and collecting rings on the way. Try for the high score!
Crazy Nut How high can you reach in this bouncy game!
Woman on Top Why do you play hard to get, baby? Demonstrate your loving devotion by leaping to the lady!
Hopper 3 Third part of the Game Hopper. Reach the top of the mountain! Collect all red balls to reveal the star. Touch the star to start a new level.
Platform Racing 2 Your goal in this awesome multiplayer game is to race with other online people from all around the world and see if you have what it takes to be first. Just customize your character and start playing. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Hold down UP ARROW KEY to charge a super jump, then release to jump super. Press SPACEBAR to use an item (You get items from the "?" item blocks). The game has a built in level editor, so you can create your own levels and upload them for all to play. Have fun!
Hopper Guide Hopper to the star at the top of the mountain!
Belly Flop Hero eat foods and get as at and heavy as possible. Then jump off the diving board and create the biggest splash you can!
Hulk: Bad Altitude Hold down mouse button to charge then release to jump. Once in the air the Hulk follows the mouse's position. Hulk is indestructible so aim to hit as many robots as you can. The more enemies the hulk hits, the higher his combo score and the higher his altitude.
Climbing for Love Time is short, but your love is strong--climb your way up to prove it!
DisemWorld Something about kidnapped friends. Whatever. The important thing is, you run around tiny planets, and jump to other nearby planets! Good thing you're wearing sneakers.
David: Dawn of a King You are David! It's time for you to start your shepherd practice. Can you manage to find lost sheep in the nearby woods? There are wild animals around there so be careful.
Live Wires You are in a zone of live wires. Your aim is to jump on the slider below before your slider reaches on top. Touching the electric field will incur shock. Better be careful. Collect power-ups for bonus points, extra and lives.
Spiderman: Rescue Mary Jane Help Spiderman reach Mary Jane in time by swinging across the building tops.
Panda Jump Help panda grab his favorite foods.
Wiggi Rush Make your way through the mazes and find the star at the end to move to the next level.
Wishful Leap of the Ninja You're a leaf jumping ninja. Jump on the leaves and get as high as possible.
Hopper 2 Hop on the platforms and jump over enemies. Keep hopping and hope you stay alive.
Dralion Elements Suspended in time between the past and the future, Dralion is a celebration of life and the four elements that maintain the natural order: air, water, fire and earth. Your challenge is to unite the four elements by conquering the challenges set by the Gods of Fire, Water, Earth and Air.
Rope Jumping Game Nail the timing and be queen of the playground! Hit the rope 3 times and it's game over.
Paappy in Delivery Boy Pappy returns in his new role as the delivery boy.
Reach for the Sky Get out of the exam hall and reach for the sky.
Jet Boost Strap yourself in and get ready to launch as high as you can. Use the Boosters to get you up strategically.
Sammy the Salmon Swim above river to arrive at the slope of the river. Pick up the bottles in the way that will give you score jumping to take them. The beaver will help you to jump cascades. Use the right cursor to move against the river. You must press it repeatedly to advance. Jump on the end of the tail of the beaver to jump to the other side of the cascade.
Mission to Jupiter There's nothing to catch you when you fall in space. Aim and control the power of the jump with your mouse to move rock to rock while collecting blue stones.
Bugs Bunny and Cecil in Mad Dash An epic battle between a rabbit and a turtle.
Penguin Jump Make the Penguin jump to the ice.
Gun Run Gun Run is completely addicting action game fun.
Gun and gun and gun some more. GunRun is a surreal techno mech baddy blasting experience.

Toy Story Jump Help Buzz Lightyear prove he can fly. Through five levels in this game, Buzz needs to bounce off the rubber ball to shelf on the far side of the room.
Bubble Jump Climb on beakers and test tubes to reach the maximum height. Your score depends on the height you reach. Don't allow the beaker or test tube to fall on you, it will make you lose the game. If the acid smoke touches you, the game will be terminated.
Obstacle Course Ovoid obstacle by jumping, and sliding.
Survival Lab Your objective in this fast paced dodging game with some unique features is to survive the simulation. Level up and improve as you progress through 26 levels of non-stop mayhem. Collect coins along the way.