Jewel Quest Immerse yourself in this enjoying jewels game in which your goal is to match the jewel to clear it in the board.
Rome Puzzle Swap 2 adjacent objects to create a line of 3 or more identical objects.
Cradle of Persia Conquer your way through over all levels to build masterpieces of Ancient Persia and free the genie from Aladdin's lamp! Unlock a mystery never before seen by man, here in the Cradle of Persia!
Yodo Bejeweled

Yodo bejeweled is a classic game like bejeweled games, only this time you have to play with Yodo. Yodo Bejeweled game is structured on 3 levels of difficulty, each level having other 5 levels where you have to eliminate as many fruits and to meet the required target.

Love Quest The objective of the game consists in forming lines of three identical items.
Atlantis Quest Embark on a journey around the ancient lands in the search of the greatest mysteries.
Snowy: Treasure Hunter II A game similar to the old Lode Runner game. Collect jewels and gold.
Diamond Valley Change the background colors by making rows of diamonds disappear.
The Queen's Jewel Rotate a gem one space at a time clockwise or counter clockwise to line up 3 or more gems of the same color. You can also line up 3 or more gems by moving a column toward or away the center jewel. Matching rows of gems earns you points that power up the center jewel. When it is completely powered up, you advance to the next level!
Ultimate Jewel In this game you have to arrange 3 similar jewels in a row or a column to make them disappear and earn maximum points through different levels.
Pimp My Grill Gotta get myself a mouth full of bling! You sense me, peeps?
Rainbow Spider The Rainbow Spider journeys through a magical world. How far can you take him?
Jewel Craze Play this skill game and see how fast you can click to collect jewels in only 30 seconds. Jewels are going to fall on the game window and you have to click on them quickly to collect them. Each jewel has its own value and smaller it is higher the value. Click and click and have fun!
Diamond Valley 2 Line up your diamonds and jewels to clear the unmovable blocks to proceed to the next level.
Snowy: Treasure Hunter Grab the jewels as you climb up ladders and make your way to the level exits. Short, but still fun.
Poonsy Collect as many jewels as possible, dodge other creatures while collecting your jewels.
Arctic Quest 2 Place the jewels correctly to fill the shapes. Place them wrong and you will have excess.
Gem Mine Detonate the groups of 3 or more same gems. The bigger the group, the larger the bonus! When you pop them, everything above or around them collapses in on them. Bonuses increase depending on how many gems you detonate. Fit the end of every level the more cleared lines you have the higher the end of level bonuses are.
The Jewels Gear Your objective in this cool little puzzle game is to rotate the board so that all the jewels end up next to each other without anything in between. You must follow the objective to solve each puzzle. The demands for a level are given underneath the box. If the demands are met, you will advance to the next level.
Jewel Digger Try to dig precious stone under your soil.
Diamond Mine Earn points by forming rows of 3 or more identical gems.
Poux Click on groups of 2 or more similar jewels!
Flying Pig Help the pig to reach as high as he can while collecting enough jewels. Teach him how to fly!
Quixote Money Watch out for spiked platforms as you guide Mr. Quixote around an industrial nightmare in his pursuit of fortune and glory. Help the Man of La Money collect as many coins and jewels as possible for the highest score, but don't fall off the platforms!
Treasure Hunt Game Any fan of Bejeweled will thoroughly enjoy this fun and deceptively simple game where you match treasures and then make them disappear.
Treasure Hunt 2 Match up the gems and jewels found at the bottom of the sea to score points.
Mine Solver A cute simple and addictive puzzle game in which you have to push all the jewels on the correct spots to finish the level. The game comes with 24 levels, and a easy skip option when you are stuck!
Busted Try to steal the precious treasure avoiding cops!
It's Mine Move across the screen to catch the gems as the miner drops them. Catch all of the jewels to move on to the next level.
Pirate Chains Form chains of three or more identical jewels and bring the key to the lock.
Jewel Hunter Drive your car grabbing as many jewels as you can. Watch out for obstacles, especially other cars.
Smith in Work Try making the finest necklace ever made.
Deep Voyage Think you can finish these underwater matching games before time runs out? Don't hold your breath!
Bratz Forever Diamondz Glam Match jewels and earn points! When three or more tiles match in a row or column they will be removed and you will collect points. The pyramid is your timer. The game ends when all the jewels disappear.
John Does Adventure Lean forward and backwards in your mining cart as you grab gems to complete each level.
Ancient Powers When you toy with magic, you're playing with fire, wind, water, earth...and gravity.
Jamble Legends With 4 awesome retro games to choose from, Jamble Legends is a Match 3 jamboree!
Animal Park Swap fuzzy beasties and collect the animal prizes!
Treasure Puzzle You'll have to sift through many ancient objects to find the artifacts of true power!
Rome Puzzle Swap 2 adjacent objects to create a line of 3 or more identical objects.
Diamond Mine What's better than a diamond? More diamonds!
Tiny Birds It's an avian invasion, and the only solution is complete vaporization!