Scooby Doo's Big Air 2: Curse of the Half Pipe Skate the half pipe as Scooby or shaggy, pick your board and the halfpipe. Go as high as possible
Scooby Doo: Big Air Snow Show Time for Scooby and Shaggy to snowboard and catch some big air on another remixed big air game.
Net Pet Decide if you want to adopt a cat or dog and take care of your new pet. Select an item's name on the menu to use it. click again on the item's name to hide it. Place food or toys in a room to lure your pet out of another room. If you don't take care of your pet, it may become a naughty, noisy pet!
Puppy Racers Beat your opponent and collect as many stars as you can
Dr. Bulldogs Pet Hospital Use the left mouse button for moving the animals to diagnostic instruments. After make a diagnosis, use the left mouse button for moving them to the right medical instruments.
Pet Creator Create a pet that you've always wanted it to be.
Scooby Doo: The Last Act Escape from the ghost in your little boat. Avoid rocks and grab picks to keep from sinking.
Puppy Fetch Fetch the stick as fast as possible! Beware of cats and other obstacles!
Duck Hunt Original Go hunt for ducks around the bushes with your dog.
Super Doggy Fight as a super dog by jumping on cats and getting powerups for punching power.
Dora's Magical Garden Let's plant in the magic Garden! Pick a seed, then plant it in a pot. Click on the watering can to water the plant. Use the magic dust to make your plant grow faster.
The Morning Walk Avoid all the obstacles along the way. try to walk the dogs as long as you can.
Bolt - Rescue Mission Help Bolt defuse the bombs before they alert the Drone.
Sort my Tiles Mystery Machine Solve the puzzle and reveal the Scooby Doo Gang.
Dog Walk Dress Up Make sure this girl looks stunning when she takes her dog for a walk in the park.
Celebrity Pedigree What would Paris Hilton and Barack Obama's kids look like... if they were dogs...? Random!
Sue's Dog Beauty Salon Look at the picture and give every dog a proper makeover by using the shower, scissors and accessories!
Run Bolt Run Help Bolt rescue Penny.
Doggy Drag Avoid Wardens, Sense Bones blue is cold, red is warm, Sniff out bones. Use your poo to slow down the wardens, as you drag around your master in doggy drag.
Disney's Magical Movie Scenes Test your vision and find the 10 different points between the two pictures within the limited time.
Scooby Stall Identify the fiendish characters' desired food and serve it before the time gets over. Use mouse to click,and drag and drop the food item. Satisfied fiendish characters will place the money. You'll have to collect it, score more to play the next level.
Cat vs Dog at the beach Throw shells at the cat and beat him!
Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun Can you successfully manage the Wallace and Gromit bakery "Top Bun"?
Jasmine Jasmine is a little dog who wants to have fun. Do all she wants to keep her entertained.
Garfield Coloring Page Put on the right colors for Garfield.
Batdog Shoot the kryptonite shards that are in the air as you hover on your board as Batdog.
Dog Walking Dress Up Marnie's no slouch at dressing, even when walking the pooches.
Jasmine and Her Dog Use your mouse to do each task. Let your dog be the judge.
Puppie Yuppy Dress Up This cute puppy is a secret spy for Planet puppie. Help him with his disguise to keep the earthlings from discovering his secret identity!
Garfield Memory Game Match up the pairs to win.
Dress Up Scooby Doo Dress Scooby Doo before he tag along with the gang.
Dr Daisy Pet Vet Cure this helpless and sick animal.
Puppy Center Help Amy to take care of the dogs and cat coming in the clinic and get the highest score.
Pet Wedding Dress up Choose a nice wedding clothes for cat and dog.
Turtle Shot Hit the turtle as far as possible by bashing it with your hammer. Pick the angle and the power.
Scooby Doo Kickin It Bounce the ball as many times as Scooby Doo and keep the soccer ball from touching the ground.
Scooby Doo 1000 Graveyard Dash Run as fast as you can through the graveyard.
Move On Up Move up by jumping over speakers. The higher you reach up the higher the points you will get.
Doggy Dress up Choose the best clothes for your puppy!
I lost my Puppy You have lost a dog. with the help of a picture and your sleuthing abilities you must find it in time. Clicking the 'check Puppy' button will bring up your dog's picture to assist you. However you will get a time penalty.Make sure you've chosen the right dog. If you're wrong you will lose time, so be careful.
Veterinarian As veterinarian, take care of the pets!
Puzzle Mania Lady and the Tramp Fix the pieces exactly on the picture frame. Use mouse to fix the pieces. Click on the pieces to change its direction.