Christmas Crusade Defend Santa's workshop from the evil Christmas critters.
Flash Empires 2 Santa's workshop is being attacked by minions under the command of Santa´s brother.

Build your army of elves to stop the evil forces.

Build towers to defend Santa. Earn cash to upgrade your army.
Showdown at Santa's Defend Santa's place as you throw snowballs at all the incoming holiday creatures. Get power ups!
Santastic Santa Run and jump as you hit presents like Mario with your head and turn into Santa and throw snowballs.
Present Hunting Santas presents are scattered all over the North Pole. You have to fly out and pickup all of them with your Chopper!
Christmas Cutie Are you ready for Christmas? Got all your gifts ready? Excited to see what your friends and family got you? Well dress up this cutie in holiday spirit while you wait!
How to Make Christmas Cake This is the best cake for the holidays
Santa Rockstar Metal Christmas What do I want for Christmas? I wanna rock! Lay down some Yuletide Joy with Jolly St. Nick, baby!
Christmas Card Shoot Em Up Shoot the Christmas card characters with your gun. Blast 'em!
Christmas Dining Room Christina's in a bind: it's almost Christmas and no time to decorate!
Bad Guys: Christmas Dinner BadGuys clone of Alien Hominid game "All You Can Eat", but with Christmas dinner.
Cubi Click Click the same icons to eliminate them. Don't make icons pass the top line. Eliminate the golden panda to pass the level.
Rotten Yeah, but what if you hate your new toys? Show your dissatisfaction by trashing the house! How much damage can you do with one kick?
Christmas Attack Shoot the falling presents to collect all the toys, call in Rudolph the Reindeer to collect the presents,get sleigh upgrades to increase your firepower.
Santa Mobile Control santa's sled and avoid all the obstacles.
Christmas Angel Christmas is here! This Christmas Angel will help you get all the gifts you want this year! But you have to be good! Dress her up and she might be nicer to you!
Christmas Sugar Cookies Bake delicious sugar cookies for Christmas. Click the particular item to allow the character to proceed. Attain each level target within the given time duration to play the next level.
Santa Launch A remake of Micro Olympics starring Santa himself!

Launch Santa as far as you can to collect money for powerups.
Spend your money wisely and carefully use your powerups to beat all opposition and win the cup!
Tweety Lets Decorate Let the snow hit your shovel so Tweety is launched into the air to decorate the house
Santa's Gifts Catcher Help Santa Claus and his friends to collect the falling gifts and avoid the dangerous snowballs!
Serious Santa Santa is angry and gets down to business! Move Mr. Claus and shoot your enemies in this Christmas action shooter game.
Mrs. Claus This girl wants to surprise her friends and family. That's why she's decided to dress up as Mrs. Claus.
Night of the Snowmen Shoot the monster snowmen as they pop out from hiding. Throw grenades quickly to take out multiple.
Toy Factory You're Santa's head elf in his factory and your job is to do what Santa requested you to do.
Jingle Bell Brawl A simple game of "Rock'em Sock'em Robots" fighting with Santa and Jack Frost.
Nick'd Some thieves have entered your house to still Christmas gifts. You need to hit 25 thieves with Christmas ornaments before they steal everything you have. Avoid hitting Santa that appears from time to time.
Pimp My Sleigh Participate in a sledge slalom with Santa Claus. Pick up the presents, avoid the obstacles and get to the finish line in the less time as possible. There are different difficulty levels
Santa Ball Bounce through the wall and collect as much gifts to play the next level.
Santa's Rampage Save Christmas, help Santa Claus to stop the goblins!
Jingle Ballistics Jingle Ballistics is a 1 on 1 classical-style 2D fighting game where Christmas characters battle it out to be the best fighter.
Christmas Hunt Help the Santa Claus to collect the Christmas gifts. You can also climb on the clouds to collect the gifts. Stay away from the balloon and other objects.
Santa's Showdown A short shooting game of shooting elves and kids as they pop out from behind things in a few spots.
Jingleballs Help Dennis to stir up trouble all over the fair and bowl over as many people as possible to get all the gifts you can.
Snow Throw Throw the snowballs at the monsters in this game very similar to dodge ball.
Stoneage Santa Take aim and fire! Shoot presents as far as you can using your stone age cannon / machine. Bounce presents off of candy sticks and buy upgrades in order to reach your target distance.
Chimney Challenge Fire snowballs at the accountants as they pop out of the chimneys.
Christmas Race Race in your sleigh against other sleighs. Don't let them beat you in this 3Dish race around the ice.
Shop N Dress Santa Claus Jumping Help Santa jump over the chimneys and collect all the gifts.
Christmas Rush Slide the cars around to make a path for the red sports car. It's Christmas and you're in a rush!
Snow Plow Race around the streets of Boston as you collect all the presents and sweep the city's streets clean.
Santa Gift In this merry Christmas season, you are here to help out Santa, in his gift distributing process. Each chimney shows up an expected gift at the top, and you have to select and throw the gift exactly into the chimney.
X-Mas Go Go Help Santa to prepare right Christmas present.