Battle Gear In the strategy defense game Battle Gear you can prove your battlefield skills. Send out your army to defeat the enemies and conquer all the land.
TU-95 Take control of the airplane as you take-off, fly, and land. Control the flaps to stay in the air.
Danny Phantom Fright Flight Fly your ship and dodge enemy fire while firing at the enemy. Grab powerups and stay alive.
Sky Fighter Awesome game of flying your jet and shooting down airplanes, carpet bombing enemy turrets, and more.
Indestruc2Tank This game is the sequel to IndestructoTank. There´s a lot of new features:

All new hand animated graphics, an Improved Physics engine, three distinct game modes including a story mode with levels, bosses and a fully voice acted cast of characters! Earn medals by achieving goals and use them to unlock secrets such as alternate tank graphics and much much more!
Galaga Old flash retro remake of Galaga!
Project Inthri 3 Play single player, 2 player on one keyboard, or by yourself controlling 2 seperate ships.
Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S Fly the ship and shoot all enemies. Get the CODE MODULE back from the delightful children, then race to the KND Moon base.
Alpha Bounty Great artwork in this sidescrolling shooter with a bunch of upgrade options.
Dracojan Skies Acolytes Final This is the finished version of the Dracojan Skies Acolytes series where you would be able to save the game and use new weapons. Follow the adventures of Rick Kramer as he try to protect Ethonian's guardians, the Drakojans. Collect power-ups as well. Good luck fighter!
Dino Hunters Place strategically your weapons and prepare to eliminate all on your way using the big cannon. Don't let the enemy reach your base.
Indestructotank Anniversary Edition Bounce the tank all around the game as you run into missiles and bounce on helicopters and jets.
War Machine The universal organization ESP is ambitious to rule the warth. They had trained a team of cold-blood robot killers and attacked everywhere in the world. In order to break this horrible and lethal conspiracy, The planet defense force sent out a team of robot to implement this special mission. How will the end goes? can they stop the robot killer? The world is in your hands.
Flugtug Tournament The aim of this game is to fire your flying machine as far as possible.
Dracojan Skies - Mission 1 This is the first mission of the Draconjan Skies series. Lead the way in preventing the deaths of innocent Dracojans by destroying an EDU com. station which shall soon call for bombers. Good luck!
Time Traveler Help them navigate through the cities to find the missing pieces they need to repair the machine. Be caution of the obstacles they will cause damage to your craft. Make sure you keep your ship full of gas to make it through each level.
Storm Boat - Vietnam Mayhem Shoot the enemy soldiers on the islands as well as towers, helicopters, airplanes, and subs.
Gun Master Urban Warfare Escaped the Jungle Madness intact? Fine. Go play guns on a construction site. Are there any two sweeter words than "unlimited ammunition?" No. No, there aren't.
Star Defender 4 Efface Space Invaders in the graphical masterpiece Star Defender 4.
Heli Combat Stay alive as you drop bombs, launch missiles, and shoot machine guns at the enemies that appear.
Bird Invader Fly over air defenses and destroy airplanes and enemy tanks.
Sky Warrior: Legacy of the Third Reign You are an attack plane pilot. Your mission is to reach the end of the level while destroying the most number of enemies. Collect bonus points, they upgrade your guns and repair your armor.
Cyborg Livestock From Outer Space Shoot the flying farm animals and upgrade your firepower with floating upgrades. Multiple bosses.
B29 Assault An awesome top-down jet shooter. Grab powerups and stay alive by blowing away the enemy crafts.
Dracojan Skies - Mission 2 Sequel of the game dracojan skies
Red Plane II The red plane is back, hero of the skies will bring down once again to all that opposite it!

Battle Over Berlin Fly a World War 1 biplane, and experience aerial combat in its purest form. Just the wind in your struts and blazing machine guns. Fight for the sky but watch your tail. Good luck fighter!
Zenon Mega Blast Zenon is a very cool arcade shoot'em up game with loads of extra weapons and enemies. You must get to the end of the round, destroying as many enemy units as possible along the way. Pick up the bonuses they will assist you in your mission.
Avian War It is the year 2071. Advanced fighter jets are developed. War is taken to the skies, against the AI enemies.
Dino-Hunter Defense Stupid lizards, ruining my castle. I'll show them! A delightful assortment of anti-dinosaur weapons awaits!
Flugtug Tournament: Launch UFO The objective of the game is to launch your UFO as far as possible.
Goomalane Kill all Bad Boys and collect all Letter G to increase Bullets.
Squadron Angel Pilot your plane and evade all the obstacles.
3D Space Flyer Fly through the gold rings and then dodge the blue objects. Game gets faster and faster.
Overkill Apache 2 The Apache is back and more powerful than ever! The side-scrolling shoot 'em up sequel gives your more levels, more enemies and more weapons.

Guide the chopper through waves of tornado jets, enemy choppers, tanks and more. Destroy everything as you go. Pick up the powerups left by some of the vehicles.

Each level ends with an enemy boss with some serious firepower. Caution advised!

If pixel 2D shooters are your thing, you've come to the right place.
Velocity This one is pretty fast. Speed around the track and try to win.
Varth : Operation Thunderstorm Shoot all your enemies with your awesome weapons in this great shoot em up game.
Dracojan Skies Acolytes - Alpha Version Another threat has come to your planet! Pilot your ship and prepare to defend your planet
A Sitch in Time 3 This is the 3rd part of the action game Sitch In Time. Fly and shoot but also jump and run through various levels.
Bike Mania 5 Bike Mania series is back again. Drive across a landscape with different objects standing in your path. This time it is all about military vehicles and obstacles.
Cloud Soldier Try to survive until the end of the level and take down as much enemies as you can to have the best score.
Enkai The Galactic War Fly through space in your craft, shoot down enemies with guns and missiles and pick up upgrades.