Dora Sort My Jigsaw

Put together a jigsaw puzzle of Dora and her friends in her popular kids' TV show, Dora The Explorer. One random jigsaw puzzle piece will come out. Place all the jigsaw puzzle pieces in their correct spot to win.

Cute Cartoon Girl Cute Cartoon Girl dress up: This cute little girl deserves a total make-over to look fantastic in every angle. Help her and have fun!
Cartoon Print Dress up Cartoon Print Clothes: In this game, you are seeing a very nice collection of cartoon print on clothes. Teen girls who are young and active will like this. Please dress her up in cute clothes and choose for her a bag and other accessories.
Go Diego Go Quiz

You have exactly one minutes to answer five questions to see how well you known Diego dolls. Every correct answer will give you 10 points.

Mickey Mouse Club Decor Mickey Mouse's Club: Make Mickey's new club look like the hottest in town!
SpongeBob Garden

SpongeBob love to work as his garden, to see his garden first must to solve this puzzle. Yeah SpongeBob Garden is jigsaw game, where first you choose you expertise level, and then go to gaming screen where you need to solve the game before time is gone. If you have difficulty with the time you can always remove the time meter. To play this SpongeBob jigsaw game use your mouse only. Play and enjoy at this beautifully garden picture.

Garfield Family

Garfield Family is a typical cartoon puzzle game. At this game you can choose various levels to play according to your expertise. After selecting the difficulty level, you will move on to the gaming screen where you will find shuffled and shattered pieces of Garfield and his family. Try to solve the puzzle before time limit. If you need more time you can remove the time meter. Play and enjoy at this cartoon puzzle game. Use your mouse to play this game.

Krusty In Vegas

Take Krusty on a drive thru Las Vegas and finish as fast you can this 5 level race game with your buddy Krusty the clown!

Bratz Quiz

You have exactly one minutes to answer five questions to see how well you known Bratz dolls. Every correct answer will give you 10 points.

Clawdeen Wolf Hairstyles

Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of The Werewolf. She's only fifteen years old but already a real fashionista. She wants a new hairstyle to impress her friends at monster high. Can you help her out? You can create a totally new hairdo and even change the colors. And don't forget a matching dressup and makeup.

Cars - Find the Differences

Welcome in the world of Disney cars! You can find them on the highway, in downtown, despite the mall, the middle of the desert, in a small town! They are funny and smart cars. This ten pairs of pictures in this game are with these cars - Disney cars! You have to find differences in these pictures. In each pair of pictures there are five differences, find it before time runs out! Also you can mistake five times in each picture or the game will be over. You start from the first picture and if you find five differences you can continue to the next one. Time is limited - 60 seconds for each picture. So grab your mouse and click on the differences when you find it! We hope that you will spend of your spare time playing this game!

Goffy, Mickey and Donald Puzzle In this game, three of the most popular character on Disney combined with each other to make an interesting puzzle game. They are: Goffy, Mickey and Donald. Try to make a complete pictures of these famous friends.
Venus McFlytrap Flowery Makeover

It's Monster High makeover time girls and today we are going to introduce you girls one of the newest Monster High ghouls - Venus McFlytrap, the daughter of the Plant Monster. Because of her highly original roots Venus has bright green skin that requires some of the best treatments available on the market in order to always keep it a bit wet and glowing of health, can you help her with that?

One Piece Moto

Help puffy to join his friend you have to win the 8 level.

Ice Age The MeltDown

Identify the differences and click it to confirm.

Powerpuff Girls Dressup

create our very own Buttercup one of Powerpuff girls character just the way you like from a wide selection to choose from. Have fun

Dora the Hidden Star Explorer

Dora is very much popular among the kids and young stars and Dora is also a great explorer! In this game Dora the Hidden Star Explorer you have to find the hidden stars and spot them. Play free Dora the Hidden Star Explorer game! Have fun with Dora the Hidden Star Explorer!

Princess Rapunzel Nails Makeover

Decorating princess Rapunzel with nice nails stickers, rings and a lot of accessories. Then print your design and share with your friends.

Dora - 6 Differences

Compare two images and find 6 differences in this Dora spot difference game. You will be rewarded 100 points for every correct click and you will lose 10 points for every incorrect.

aladdin bike

If you like bike this a good game for you, you have to help aladdin to rescue the princess, all you have to do is to win the 10 levels of the game

Disney Club Penguin Hidden Letters

Disney Club Penguin Hidden Letters game is over the cartoon penguin-avatars of Disney Club Penguin game. Play the game to find the hidden alphabets hidden there and click over them! For kids who are learning alphabets can find here fun while learn!

Jolly Jigsaw Dragon Ballz

Jolly jigsaw is now with super stars of Dragon Ballz. Complete all the levels of puzzle and explore the Adventurous puzzle fun.

Toy Story Spot The Differences

Look at two Toy Story pictures, they seem to be identical but they are not. Can you find all the differences between them?

Ben 10 Power Hunt Enjoy this captivating competition between the ben10 and Vilgax. You have to make ben 10 win by collecting all the power ups in that area. Avoid contact with vilgax, else your game comes to an end.
Spongebob Driver

Help SpongeBob to drive his car to the end of all levels without losing control. Try to collect as much points as possible

Dora Cooking Chinese

Dora wants to have a big party at her house and she needs to cook something for her friends and guests. She found an old , traditional chinese recipe and she wants to use it. Help her cook delicious sushi and other chinese food for her friends.

Princess Ariel Online Coloring page

Explore your coloring skills and show your painting ideas by giving wonderful colors to your lovely mermaid angel Ariel.

Ben 10 Dressup

join game with Ben 10 games Ben 10 dressup game to prepare outfits battling aliens

Mickey Mouse - The Differences There are some funny pictures of Mickey Mouse - one of your favorite cartoon characters. Try to find out all the differences in each 2 similar pictures as quick as you can.
Ironman Bike Challenge

Help Ironman ride this cool bike over the hills as each new level presents you with a new challenge to accomplish.

Buttercup Dress Up

Dress up Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls, she is the toughest one in the group.Try to put together a lovely outfit for her from a wide range of selections of clothes, chains and hair accessories. Enjoy!

Dora Play House

Help Dora decorate her new play house with many features.

Super Mario and Luigi

Sort the tiles to get Mario, Luigi, and all the cast from Mario puzzle.

Dragon Ball Jigsaw

Play free online Dragon Ball Jigsaw game at Cartoon Games. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl + Left Click. You can choose one of four modes: easy, medium, hard and expert. But watch out on time, if it runs out you will lose! In any case you can disable the time, and play relaxed. Click Shuffle and start the game.

Barbie Princess Nails Makeover

Decorating this princess Barbie with nice nails stickers, and rings. Then print your design and share with your friends.

10 Differences - Legend of the Guardians

Hi difference game lovers, now play the new version of Difference game with 'Legend of the Guardians'.

Angry Birds: Jigsaw Game Jigsaw Angry Birds game is a free online game balance ctrl + click phi.ban just left the free Angry Birds Jigsaw game. Starting with Angry Birds Jigsaw game interesting
Winter Bratz Dressup

Design the perfect look for this sweet Bratz with a wonderful backgrounds.

SpongeBob Cross The River

The object of the game is to help Sponge Bob to cross the river by hopping from a turtle to other without falling in the water, be careful it is not easy

Ben 10 Statue Fix Place the pieces of Ben10 in the exact position, within the given time limit, to go to the next level.
Racing Cartoon Differences Cartoon Differences Game: This is game for people who love racing games and spot differences games. You have to find the things who are not the same in both racing images. Be quick before time runs out.
Dora Journey Difference

Point and click on the differences on two identical Dora pictures as fast as you can. Gain score for each discovered difference. Remember each wrong click will reduce your score.