Save the Dummy: Level Pack Save the Dummy: Level Pack A 25-level expansion pack for the physics-based puzzle game, Save the Dummy. Each level presents you with various objects and a dummy, which is stuck on the screen. Help the dummy get off the screen by erasing the red objects. Since your score is solely based on your time, you want to save the dummy as quickly as possible. The more points you score, the more stars you will earn.
Dummy Crusher 2 Dummy Crusher 2 Dummy Crusher is back, with 20 new dummy-crushing levels! Use rockets, explosives, grim reapers, bees, circular saws, and other weapons to destroy all of the dummies. You must cause enough damage to achieve the target score in each stage. Earn stars for collecting icons, destroying dummy heads, and causing additional damage to objects.
Hell on Duty Hell on Duty Hell on Duty is a physics game similar to Ragdoll Cannon. Your duty in each level is to push the demons into the cauldron by launching bodies out of your cannon. Collect bonuses and special ragdolls, such as Freddy Krueger and Darth Vader.
Brutality Brutality Brutality is a twisted game in which you must kill ragdolls with spikes, saws, and other deadly objects. Use your catapult to launch ragdolls at the sharp items that move across the screen. Move your catapult to collect any coins that fall to the ground. Your goal in each level is to collect the target number of coins before time runs out. You can spend your coins on upgrades after each level.
Ragdoll Ninja Ragdoll Ninja Ragdoll Ninja is a fast-paced slicing game similar to Fruit Ninja, but with ragdolls instead of fruit. Slice off the heads and limbs of ragdolls, while avoiding bombs. Try your best to slice all of the ragdolls on the screen. You'll lose a life if you fail to slice a ragdoll.
Mafia driver 3 Game Mafia driver 3 Game Third installment of the game Mafia Driver. Again, Drive around following the objectives. Dodge objects and cars. Grab money symbols.\n
Sim taxi 2 Sim taxi 2 Another day in the big city from a taxi driver\'s point of view. Look out for passengers and deliver them to their destinations as fast as you can, and without damaging your taxicab too much.\n
Clickplay Time Clickplay Time Take your time in this awesome point and click style brain teaser. Think out of the box to unravel all riddles and win the Clickplay Time game. Much fun.
ClickPlay 3 ClickPlay 3 ClickPlay 3 is another cool find-the-button game from NinjaDoodle. Can you help find the play button in each of the scenes? Complete several mini-game tasks and see how many puzzles you can solve in this funny brain training game.
ClickPlay Rainbow ClickPlay Rainbow ClickPlay Rainbow is another cool point-and-click puzzle game made by NinjaDoodle. Your mission is to find the play button with as less clicks as possible.
Unagi 16 Unagi 16 Lookin' for a new brain teaser? Then play Unagi 16, the brand new logic puzzle game made by Ninjadoodle. Try to unravel all 16 cryptic codes as fast as you can. Much fun.
Morplee Morplee Morplee is a collection of fast-paced minigames. You have 60 seconds to complete 25 levels and destroy the mothership. Use the mouse to complete minigames as fast as you can. Shoot the invaders before they land and sucking up your energy. Much fun with Morplee.
Hipstercalypse Hipstercalypse You travelled in time from the year 1996 to 2014. Apparently an odd hipstercalypse occurred. Figure out what happened to your stuff and the rest of the world. Can you survive this crazy time or will you become dangerous superhipster in the cult-ish-ness? Go, check it out! Have fun!
Nuclear Plant 2 Nuclear Plant 2 Restore oxygen to the atmosphere at Nuclear Plant 2, the new sequel of the post-apocalyptic shooting game. You are stationed at the lunar planet to guard the last nucleus, do researches and grow a tree from the green seedling. But you have to be wary, because creepy aliens are coming in hordes to attack you. Kill them all to defend yourself and protect the green hope using a huge varity of weapons, skills and upgrades. Have fun.
Zombie Madness: The Awakening Zombie Madness: The Awakening Play this awesome zombie apocalypse top view action shooter. Your mission is simple: Earn money for fighting against the uprising undead insanity. Try to kill all bloodthirsty creatures by using high equipped weapons and your special abilities. Enjoy Zombie Madness: The Awakening.
Zombie Home Run 2 Zombie Home Run 2 Zombie Home Run 2 is the second installment of the fun action game. Help the kid with his bat to smash all attacking undeads. Hit the home run and don´t let the zombies pass the line or they will kill you. Much fun.
Nuclear Plant Nuclear Plant Nuclear Plant is a cool apocalypse-themed shooting game, in which you have to make the contaminated seedling grow big and strong, because it´s your only hope to rescue the dying Earth. Perform researches and fight off mutated animals. Earn much money for shotting attackers and purchase new upgradeable weapons. Much fun.
Guns of Apocalypse Guns of Apocalypse Take your Guns of Apocalypse and go! In this cool top down shooting game you have to fight against hordes of aggressive war robots. Those are heavily armed, so drive your military vehicle carefully around the territory as you take out your targets and shoot them first using your wide arsenal of weapons. Much fun!
Zombocalypsis Zombocalypsis Zombocalypsis is a bloody zombie racing game. Smash, shoot and crush the zombies with your car. Buy upgrades, collect power-ups and weapons. If you want to survive you must be quicker then the undead hordes!
Alienocalypse Alienocalypse Alienocalypse is another cool strategy game made by Berzerk Studio. Your goal is simple: Annihilate the major earth cities! Manage a group of aliens and invade the earth. Use various combinations of units and bring the Alienocalypse to earth. But be aware, the humans will resist!
Skinny Skinny Skinny is a cool robot adventure game made by Thomas Brush. Help your friend Skinny to save the apocalyptic world from their minds. Use your gadgets to complete various tasks and missions. Enjoy Skinny!
Apocalypse Transportation Apocalypse Transportation Your mission in this cool Apocalypse Transportation upgrade game is to drive your truck from station to station to deliver requested cargo. Much fun!
Racing Guard Racing Guard Take on the role of the racing guard and protect the last humans from creepy insane mutants in this awesome action car game. Drive in your rolling war machine around to kill the evil before they can break through the barricades. Pick up mines and ammo and run upgrades to increase your destruction power. Much fun.
Frogout Frogout Frogout is a funny puzzle game that takes place on a post apocalyptic world. Eat zombie flies and hop around in this froggy adventure!
Mass Mayhem: Zombie Apocalypse Extension Mass Mayhem: Zombie Apocalypse Extension You want more chaos? Here comes Mass Mayhem: Zombie Apocalypse Extension, the bloody expansion to the popular destruction game series. Your mission is simple: clear off all waves of infected undeads using a wide varity of powerful weapons, armor and an ultimate killer bot mech as well. How long can you survive this post-apocalyptic trouble? Much fun
Mass Mayhem : Zombie Apocalypse. Mass Mayhem : Zombie Apocalypse. The popular Mass Mayhem series returns. In a post-apocalyptic future, a deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity and hordes of living deads roam the streets around your fortress. Become a bloodthirsty zombie hunter, explore the area, collect useful items, fight off and kill your attackers before they harm you. Try to survive all waves and purchase awesome upgrades with your earned money. Enjoy Mass Mayhem: Zombie Apocalypse.
Zombocalypse Zombocalypse Zombocalypse is a bloody action game about the total zombie apocalypse. Your mission is simple: Kill as many zombies as you can and survive as long as you can. Good Luck!
Bloodbath Avenue Bloodbath Avenue Uuh, something really evil is happening in your town since newly dead come back to life as brainless zombies. You know that there is one shelter left, it's on the other side of the city, the route there goes through the hordes of blood-thirsty undeads. But there is nothing else for it but to pace this Bloodbath Avenue. Slaughter each attacker first, collect tons of weapons, ammo and other useful bonuses as you try to reach the zombie-free area alive. Much fun!
WRRRMZ! WRRRMZ! WRRRMZ is a funny puzzle game. Help guide the worm into its hole. Light up mushrooms by touching them. WRRRMZ is so good!
Ninjas Never Die Ninjas Never Die How can Ninjas Never Die? In this funny physics-based puzzle game you have to help the little masked fighters to survive a terrific adventure. In each stage it's your aim to get all out of that damn maze. To move the ninjas just spin the labyrinth to and fro as you are trying to collect all coins. Much fun.
Aging Hero Aging Hero Get up, take on the role of Aging Hero and fight now for your happiness. In this funny, physics-based shooting game you have to impress the young, lovely damsel. But your angry wife smells a rat, so you must knock her out. Use your ultimate hero super powers to throw bottles. Does a hero always get the girl in the end? Much fun!
Swap It Et 3 Swap It Et 3 Swap It Et 3 is here and it's on you to adjust the direction of the rotation of all gears. So transpose the pieces of colorful animated pictures. Much fun.
I Hate Candy I Hate Candy Even if you say 'I don't like sweet stuff and I hate Candy' with a burning passion, you are send out to another solar system to search for your buddies. They are trapped on a lovely planet which is infested with cuddly bears, armed with mighty candy cannons. Ugh! But you have to make the best of it. So move through the colorful territory, dodge enemy attacks and free your alien friends! Much fun.
Panda Restaurant 3 Panda Restaurant 3 Reach your daily goal to run your business successful in the management game Panda Restaurant 3! Greet new customers, take and serve their orders in time as you also pick up trash from the floor to increase your income. Use the money to order new dishes and make your restaurant more attractive for more pandas. Much fun!
Crypt Dash Crypt Dash Just fancy, you wake up in a foreign place and you realize that you are trapped in a ancient crypt, bandaged like a mummy. You have one minute to get out of that damn place. Keep on running as you jump over giant gaps and dash through obstructive objects on the path. Catch as many ankhs as you can get and try to reach the end of the track before time is up to win this awesome action-packed upgrade game Crypt Dash! Much fun!
Acid Bunny 2 Acid Bunny 2 Ooh, poor bunny. Since he is happy again, his weird and killing flashbacks return. For sure, this cause lots of troubles. So help this little dilly guy to make his way through all insane levels of Acid Bunny 2. Much fun!
Busman Parking 3D Busman Parking 3D In this fun-addicting Busman Parking 3D game you are hired as a bus driver and it's one of your jobs to navigate the giant vehicle into the requested lot between the white lines precisely. If it's safe, start moving slowly, but don`t hesitate whilst parking and avoid any damage or you could get the sack. Much fun.
Comic Book Cody Comic Book Cody What would you do, if somebody would steal your most valuable property? Right, you would get upset and try to retrieve your stuff. This is exactly what happens in Comic Book Cody, a lovely and addicting platform game about a boy who was robbed by night by some burglars. It's your job to help Cody to make his way cleverly through all stages to get back every comic book. Solve riddles and chase the baddies away using ultra super powers like well-known heroes. Much fun.
Min Hero: Tower of Sages Min Hero: Tower of Sages Welcome to Min Hero: Tower of Sages, a beautiful Pokemon-like, RPG strategy game. Train your beastly mini fighters and send them out to epic battles at the Tower of Sages. Choose attacks wisely to bash down all opponents and use upgrades to increase their skills and abilities continously. Much fun!
1D Pong 1D Pong How often can you hit the ball in this fun, one-dimensional remake of the popular classic Atari arcade game PONG? With each player switching their button's color at the right time the ping bounces back to the opponent. Don't miss otherwise this awards a point to the other player. Enjoy 1D Pong.
You Are A Box You Are A Box You Are a Box is a cool puzzle platformer inspired by Lemmings. Use your box powers to slide and jump and guide the "sheeps" over deadly spikes and other obstacles. Much fun!
SmashZ SmashZ SmashZ is a cool physics-based puzzle game in which you take on the role of the shrewd building labor Bob who wants to get rid of the zombie plague. Drop various heavy objects to smash all zombies but avoid to kill humans. Much fun!